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  • Angels
    Graduate stars
    Angels wrote a review about px24

    Never had troubles with this website. The traffic was different, but especially in the beginning I was surprised about the amount of customers and how long they stayed in my chat. So I think if you give this site a chance, you can earn well.

    May 3, 2019 - 12:04
  • Hazel
    Crown Prince stars
    Hazel wrote a review about px24 (2 likes)

    Program, keeps crashing, support NEVER replies. They refuse to give me an UST-ID.

    I am using it as a background site now, just ignore the dudes, not worth it else

    October 31, 2016 - 11:46
  • DonaDiabla
    Crown Prince stars
    DonaDiabla wrote a review about px24 (2 likes)

    I have applied there twice and both times support did removed my account for no reason. I emailed them and they never got back in touch with me

    September 12, 2016 - 15:16
  • Shemaledream
    Professional stars
    Shemaledream wrote a review about px24 (5 likes)

    work on this site nearly the beginning of this site since october 2002

    its a german site, so i think german language is an advantage,
    but english will function too, when mens horny they speak
    not so much :-)

    my goal is more chatting than show, so for me is the language
    a little bit more important

    they got a own Fetisch and TS Category

    its only pvt - no freecam there
    (only pvt is standard concept in german cambiz)

    the site do not stealing your upload traffic when nobody is in your room

    its no community , cause its an older concept,
    they started before the community sites come in sight

    the software is stable and self explaining

    you can do your business, no admin will make you crazy
    with restrictions, so when you do no advertising for your own
    business you have a good partner with px
    they dont give rules for your show what and when you have to do
    For example to show face, and be naked and this stuff, you can do what you want in this things, when you a domina - you can show only your boots, no admin will say anything about your decision in which way you want to produce yourself
    this freedom is one of the big "plus" of this site,
    and there is no possibility that a user can vote you down,
    cause the concept was before this community functions where build in this camsites (interactive functions are came some years later)

    The price there is fix 2 Euro/min - (1 Euro = approx. 1,3 USD)
    you will get approx 0,45 Euro

    in the early years this site was one of the main german sites,
    cause there wasn`t much other sites there,
    so now the traffic isn`t to compare with old times for years,
    but the girls sending there for years dont leave this site,
    cause its a easy work there, as i say no admin trouble and rules
    and you have nothing to loose, only the time to start the client software and wait for the signal when a user came in,
    you can drive this site easily together the same time
    with your other sites

    November 27, 2014 - 20:17