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  • AliciaZ
    Rookie stars
    AliciaZ wrote a review about Phrendly (4 likes)

    I wish I had started Phrendly a couple years ago when it launched. I was actually part of the user testing group in fall 2015 (phrendly advertised on model mayhem looking for models to submit gifs in exchange for Amazon gift cards.) I did not become active on the site back then, because I wasn’t interested in online sex work at the time. I considered myself a stripper only.

    Anyway, I started using my Phrendly profile in earnest last month (right around Christmas) with very low expectations. I thought maybe I’d earn enough to pay my utility bill or something. I was very pleasantly surprised to earn $1,700 my first month. I’m on almost every day for about 10-12 hours (easy because I work from home on my laptop anyway). I do promote to put myself in the top 20 or top 40 the whole time I am online. I have never had an issue with payments, and the support team is responsive (they usually get back to me within a day or so).

    The users do skew young. I started getting more traffic when I set my age under 30. There is a lot of emotional labor involved with guys who become my “boyphrends” but they are good regulars. The site can be glitchy or slow at times. The money seems to ebb and flow. My best day so far I made $213, but there have been a few where I didn’t make the $10 minimum payout. For someone who is new to camming, who wants a new side hustle, or who doesn’t want a super public cam girl profile, I definitely recommend Phrendly.

    January 26, 2019 - 17:41
  • tessawicked
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    tessawicked wrote a review about Phrendly (5 likes)

    I signed up for this site maybe a week ago at most. Traffic seems steady, I usually have multiple chat partners every day. I have made a total of $252 in a week ( part time ).

    The key to this site is don't message the guys first just star them and let them know you are interested. They will contact you as they believe it's a real dating site which it isn't. You can just chat ( can not change price on this ), take calls ( set your own prices ) and even video chat ( again set your own prices ). If they ask for a picture ask for a virtual gift first which range from $5 to $100.

    My only complaints is the money depositing which I'm on express direct deposit daily pay, still takes 5-10 days to deposit. The fees they charge the models are a tad high compared to other sites like NiteFlirt imho, as its a 30% fee plus a 7 cent ppm connection fee for phone calls and video chats. So the more you make bigger the fee is. The last complaint is the bidding for featured spots really eats into what you earn . Out of the #252 I grossed I only was able to net $150 of it after bid deductions.

    But overall I am pretty happy with the site so far.

    November 16, 2018 - 0:53
  • PufferFish
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    PufferFish wrote a review about Phrendly (3 likes)

    This site might have been good once upon a time but it certainly isn't now.
    The traffic has dropped dramatically and now it's pretty much just guys starring you occasionally and few if any texts. The ones you do get are just pretty much wanting to hook up and in this case it isn't entirely their fault as the site advertises as a dating site.
    They have instituted bidding now and I suspect that is primarily for the site to make money that they no longer are at the models expense.
    From talking to other ladies it seems that in the majority of cases BBW's and WoC do not get much of the little traffic there is nor do ladies such as myself whom are primarily oriented towards fetish.
    The GIF's are arbitrarily denied! One of mine got refused and I was wearing a high necked plain t-shirt lol so in no way was it overly revealing as it could have been worn anywhere without raising eyebrows.
    A positive however is the low minimum payout which is a pleasant change for a texting site as many seem to expect more than most camming sites. They also offer the option to just donate your earnings to charity which is what I did though as I haven't received anything from them in awhile at this point payout is a non issue as there isn't anything in fact to payout.

    November 5, 2018 - 19:32
  • LoveAnnie
    Anonymous wrote a review about Phrendly (2 likes)

    People from outside America and Canada can't sign up at this site Smiley :(

    August 23, 2018 - 13:40
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      There are a few girls who got around that , the most recent from Turkey. If they did it anyone can.

      February 10, 2019 - 5:29
  • athenarayne
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    athenarayne wrote a review about Phrendly

    It is a good way to make pocket change; just understand it will not be an "off the hook" type app. I made an extra 200 this month just leaving it on while hanging out; would suggest if you just want coffee and fun money

    February 11, 2018 - 0:18
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      How did you have your profile set up?

      September 6, 2018 - 1:17
  • SexyLizXXX
    Expert stars
    SexyLizXXX wrote a review about Phrendly

    I've been using Phrendly for about a month and made some money, no where near what I make camming. It gives me something to do when I am bored or away from cam. I dislike the limited payment options; they do not use payoneer and since I don't have a bank account, I will have to receive a check when I cash out. I also don't like the limited profile pic options. My profile pic looks terrible, and I haven't been able to take a new one.

    January 9, 2018 - 1:19
  • DominaVicki
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    DominaVicki wrote a review about Phrendly (2 likes)

    Phrendly didn't really work out for me. I tired to get into it but it wasn't for me. I'm not sure if my prices at default were too "high," but I wasn't getting any traction. When it came to the fact that we had to make a gif I tired to make it cute, or sensual... But if you showed your damn collar bone or make it too "hot" they wouldn't approve it and it took 2-3 days to get it reviewed again. Then when I came up with my little one sentence intro I've tried everything from "home alone" to "Aspiring Porn Star"... Nothing worked. I stared all the older dudes and even the young ones, they just all starred me back. As an AA provider I noticed a lot of other AA girls weren't getting that much traction either. But I heard so many non-WoC talking about selling nudes, and cam shows but I can't even get one client. So it's kind of discouraging, and I just let the app go.

    November 25, 2017 - 2:08
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      As Afro-Latina, I only got 10 clients this year at Phrendly. So,there is something to what you are saying. Smiley :) It is the site.

      December 5, 2017 - 3:19
  • Carmina
    Novice stars
    Carmina wrote a review about Phrendly

    I've been in Phrendly for 7 mos. now, my 1st pay out is $200 not bad for just texting, or sexting, I'm am trying to pull $1000 but decided to take $200 to try their payment system.

    Payments are on time, lots of young men from States, it's cool not bad for an extra income, but it's hard to pull some cash now since most of them just join used their free zips & go.

    I got a few men that still there, I did a little camming with a couple men or 3 , they just show them self jerking & take off😆😆😆

    I got a few asking for personal numbers & some of them gave out their number.

    You will find some guys really looking to meet and go on a date ( yaks) no time for that & even serious relationship 😄

    November 16, 2017 - 7:47
  • Heavenleigh
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    Heavenleigh wrote a review about Phrendly (2 likes)

    Its actually not bad. Very quick easy cash although not steady

    July 29, 2017 - 0:06
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      Hmmm may have to try

      November 2, 2017 - 5:39
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      lt looks like a dating site !

      November 2, 2017 - 5:41
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      I have starred so many dudes and only like three messages and tons have starred me back. Is there a magic trick to get them to actually message me?

      November 3, 2017 - 6:09
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      They need more men on there, otherwise it's great

      November 4, 2017 - 2:47
  • DonaDiabla
    Mistress stars
    DonaDiabla wrote a review about Phrendly (3 likes)

    Personally, I found Phrendly to be okay because they do not have enough fetish guys on there. I mean they have tons of hot 19 years old college guys but it is not like they are too experience in sex nor life. They are quiet different than when I was in college.
    As domme, I do not enjoy talking too many vanilla guys about boring things. If they are vanilla but have an great mind and sensual ways...than it would great. However, I started to bring on my own fetish guys and it was wonderful. Phrendly is a great concept but I do get bored with the vanilla college guys from time to time. But they are quite hot and one is downright beautiful. Smiley :) I guess that I am used to more sexually and romantically experienced 19 year old guy. LOL

    April 30, 2017 - 3:03
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      I don't really get Phrendly... the way they explained how you make money is so freakin complicated. Can you break it down for me?

      May 19, 2017 - 7:21
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      Rosie Phrendly is really simple once you get the hang of it.
      1---Set your rates
      2---Make a Good/Interesting/Enticing GIF
      3---* Star the profile of a bunch of guys indiscriminately. (I try to set some time to do this everyday.)
      4---Then let the messages and Video Requests roll in and make money.
      5---Cashout Monthly or Daily (Daily Pay is still free at the time I'm writing this 6/6/17)

      June 16, 2017 - 23:35
  • Tes_
    Professional stars
    Tes_ wrote a review about Phrendly (1 likes)

    I can't say enough good things about Phrendly. The only down side is the support, which at this stage is non-existent. I'm guessing it's because they're so new. When I first started 2 weeks ago I had 2 separate calls that didn't go through because of a glitch in the system. Took me a week to find the support contact, which is [email protected] (duh me...) I sent them a message about it and haven't heard back yet. ***Edit: Support took about 3 days for the initial response and then they were very quick to respond. I'm raising my rating for Support from 3 to 4. Thank you!

    Everything else is amaze balls. Each conversation has a unique phone number on my phone, so I can add them if they are regulars. Texts are immediate and you'll start getting messages the first day. The faster you respond, the higher up on their "Phrendly Formla" you'll be. If you're chatting a lot all day, you'll get more chat requests. The first day takes a few hours before your profile is approved. If you're signing up overnight or on the weekend give some time because I think they only approve during week days.

    I've only done 1 phone call so far. It was short, so the caller didn't waste any time getting down to business. I make it clear on my profile that I'm looking for sexy action, which I think helps to attract the phone sex and sexting clients. 60% of the messages you get will be "Hi!" and that's it, so be prepared with some responses that can lead them into a conversation (eg. "Hey sexy. I'm a little drunk and totally horny right now."). Have a few different ones you cycle through and type it slightly different every time because some people will sign up for 2 accounts. Try to be genuine.

    A new user starts out with $5 in their account that they can use for chatting, aka, "sips". There are 20 sips to $10, so they start out with 10 sips to start a convo with you. You only get paid if you respond!! So if they text you twice, you only get paid for the last one you responded to. The trick is to get them hooked within the first 4 texts. Then you can usually go for a bit. You can text a max of 3 times in a row, but you only get paid for the first one. I try to leave one text available in case they leave and I want to try and re-initiate contact tomorrow.

    It is marketed as a dating site and they try to emphasize "exclusively online", but there are a few guys on there who are genuinely looking for a relationship. I'm usually straight up with these guys. Let them know that I'm on here for the sexing, phone sex, and cam porn and that if they're looking for a partner, this probably isn't the best site to use. I've had a couple of them convert to sexing with me, so this seems like a good strategy. They think, "Ok, I can see why I should be paying $0.50 per text when you're so descriptive about my cock."

    I think the 'dating site' marketing brings in good traffic that wouldn't otherwise be there. Only about 15% of people who message me are looking for a irl date and get turned off by the site. I think most guys wouldn't try to message me if I weren't specifically marketing for sexy fun time, and a lot of them understand from the getgo. They know the gig, they've bought services from cammers before. Maybe 50% are new at sexting, but that doesn't stop them from being willing to pay for it. It's a very positive and mutually beneficial environment.

    Unfortunately the texting rate is fixed so you can't change it. You get about $0.35 for each text you respond to and its the same for MMS (photos). Unlike other texting sites, you do not get paid for your texts or multiple texts. Only for the last text you responded to. There is such high traffic though, that I find it easier to get into and a great choice if you're just starting out in this niche. The cash flow is more consistent than other sexting sites.

    Every once in a while you will also get a camming request. The pay for camming is low, but you can change it in your payout settings. Camming can range from $0.12 to $3.68 per min. I'm usually in the $3 range, so this is ok for me. As you set your rates it keeps a fixed relation to the phone sex price as well ($0.08 to $2.93 per minute for phone sex). I actually kinda like the fixed relationship thing because it reduces the notion that I need to compete with the other girls on the site. I do wish it would let you charge more though, some days I don't wanna take calls so on other site I'll raise the price for the day to reduce time wasters. Can't do that here. The biggest advantage of this site is the traffic.

    Payout is automated and reliable. I don't have any back charges yet, so I don't know if they do chargebacks or anything like that. Pretty sure they have a no-refund policy. I get daily payout as long as I earn over $10, which I always do if I'm not too lazy to pick up the phone. They say there's no such thing as easy money, but I say sexting here is probably the closest you can come to it. Very stress relieving and invigorating to start your initial contact with someone through text, then later lead to camming or phone sex.

    It takes about 10 days to get paid (give or take 2 days). I got my first payment today, and I'm absolutely thrilled. If approached casually, you could start out earning about $300 a month. If you get serious you can make as much on this site as some other popular camming site. If you have a policy of multiple income streams like I do, this is definitely a site to keep in your arsenal. I love it, I love the site design, I love the guys and the community, I seriously love everything about Phrendly!

    April 21, 2017 - 2:10
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      So, I double checked their FAQ. Looks like they do refunds of remaining sips, but not spent sips, so unless there is a fraudulent credit card you probably won't get chargebacks.

      April 18, 2017 - 23:56
  • DaleyDanish
    Hotshot stars
    DaleyDanish wrote a review about Phrendly (1 likes)

    Nice site - I get a steady stream of new inquiries on here. I like it because I feel like i'm making money in my downtime. It tends to add up quickly.

    Best way to work this site is to be friendly, encourage them to talk about themselves. I consider my work partly therapy, so this is an extra way to reach people.

    I keep thinking about how "free chat" on camsites is not worthwhile, when I can get paid to chat by text instead. :-)

    It's not good for phone calls or for paid shows, only for text.

    Most of the men seem content to continue texting through the site, and I've had only one guy try to give me his phone number.

    I like this site, but would prefer something that is set up as a paid professional texting site - that would let me charge overtly for pics and would be more likely to lead to a call or a show.

    April 6, 2017 - 19:39
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      Update: A lot of guys get upset with this site because they think it's a scam. I think they are not prepared to pay for texting with girls since it's marketed as a dating site. I feel like I'm on the wrong site a lot of the time. The guys want a real girl they can take out on a date, not a cam girl. Frustrating. On the other hand, I've met some really really nice guys on there! I like them a lot. Overall, it's still worth doing if no one is looking at your phone when you text. LOL

      July 18, 2018 - 22:41
  • DaisyChaos
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    DaisyChaos wrote a review about Phrendly (2 likes)

    I like the site. If nothing else, everyone gets $10 to spend on chatting. So if you get nothing but the fee money from each of the guys you still do ok. I have personally cashed out $62 and working on my next $20. It did take a long time to make but I didn't do any phone calls or video chats.

    March 26, 2017 - 18:06
  • Katidiamond
    Anonymous wrote a review about Phrendly (1 likes)

    Phrendly is a dating site that is supposed to be "ONLINE DATING". This means you can't give or receive personal info. from people or phone numbers. They want to keep men on the site so they are paying there. They have text, phone call and video chat. They accept US, Canada and Mexico right now. (yet a client of mine from Puerto Rico had trouble signing up or using the linkI gave him to sign up)

    Texting is paid by whoever initiates it forever. So you can text someone a month after they texted you and they will still get charged. They gave $10 free to new sign ups now it is $5 which is half a drink. Pay started out at 38 cent everytime you answered a text message from them.It is now lowered to 35 cents a text. It doesn't matter how much you write, you get paid once if they message you and you message them back. Phone call and video chat are whoever initiates the call. You can set your prices for these.

    This business has to be owned by Nite Flirt. The pay structure is exactly the same: you earn $10 and they pay you daily. The money arrives in your bank account in 7 to 10 days. (by ACH)This is identical to Nite Flirt! Plus I have a page on my Phrendly go to a Nite Flirt page all the time so I already figured it was the same company. Supposedly 26 people work at Phrendly.

    They buy you sips of a drink. There are 10 sips in every drink. The heart at the top is green if you are paying and red if they are paying ( i may have it backwards lol) When the heart is full one drink has been spent.
    Earnings are different for everyone on this site. It started out being vanilla calls when i joined. After 2 months girls were saying on their profile: " I sext and send out nudes" After that half of my texts were sexting or they wanted photos. This was from clients who previously did not talk about those subjects.
    Most of the men did not want to pay for very long as they came from dating sites. They all left phone numbers which they spelled out (Phrendly blocks numbers and warns about suspending you off the site) and Facebook accounts, KIK, everything you can think of to try to get you to talk for free. Because on other dating sites it is free!! Some clients get the site and pay without complaining. Most just want it all for free even regular texting or they want to meet. There is a thread on Stripperweb called GFE Phrendly that Klittykat And MonicaWest are on about Phrendly if you want to know how specific girls do on the site. not sure if i can post a link here if not please have a moderator remove it thanks.

    March 14, 2017 - 22:17
  • xodoeeyesxo
    Superstar stars
    xodoeeyesxo wrote a review about Phrendly (2 likes)

    Not like a main paycheck of mins but some change here n there is always good in my book. PLus you can do it while its slow on your other sites

    February 24, 2017 - 3:43
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      Have you received payment from this site? I'm nervous because I haven't heard back from another phone sex site I joined recently.

      March 1, 2017 - 3:46
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      yes they pay on time, from the day it says express pay (if you chose daily pay) it arrives in your bank account in 7 to 10 days.

      March 14, 2017 - 22:19
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      I've recieved my payment. I love this site but I don't like their lack of marketing. They are supposed to be catering towards a GFE/sugar daddy/baby experience and they aren't properly doing that. They come off as a regular dating site a la tinder and wonder why guys get pissed off and don't want to pay. The money is not great like it could be but still a little extra cash for very little work

      March 16, 2017 - 1:57
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      @KaterinaKuti So well put. I went and took a look at the site myself, and passed on it bc it seemed a bit shady on their part to try to pass it off as a "dating" site.

      May 17, 2017 - 4:57