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  • PufferFish
    Wizard stars
    PufferFish wrote a review about Myfetishcamgirls (1 likes)

    While this isn't a high traffic site, at the moment anyway it's a easy indie egg as you just login and then close out your page the same as LCMS so you don't have anything to lose.
    Payment is through IndieBill so you must have a IB account but once it's set up you can use your IndieBill page for anything else you want not just MFCG. The payout minimum is I believe $100 which is in my opinion a bit high for a new site however you can set up your account through Boleyn Models and avoid that issue which is what I do. The percentage is 75% same as CamModelDirectory.
    They have also changed their name to MyFetishCamModels as they take male models .
    Support is great and Sylvy will go out of her way to help in anyway she can.
    In a nutshell- this site will most likely be a smaller egg for you( as in all things your mileage may vary as some ladies do well) it's a legitimate and low maintenance one.

    13 July 2018 - 19:12
  • Crismar
    Amateur stars
    Crismar wrote a review about Myfetishcamgirls (2 likes)

    i dont like this site. I work for many pages, and this has been the worst one that has touched me and to top it all off, I have been blocked from the page. the soperte is pesimo. says that my English is very bad, wao incredible that my clients understand me and also the support of the other pages for which I work. 14/04/2018

    14 April 2018 - 22:48
    • Sinclair

      The model above had a purchased show that she didnt provide telling the cliente that he should ask for a refund as she wasnt understood by the site owner (me). But before doing this, she pmmed me on skype and asked if i had refunded the client and if not, she would do the show. Thats shows to me someones character and for that reason she was banned and the client refunded. I wont tolerate such behaviours on my site. thanks

      15 April 2018 - 0:03
    • TOPMODEL18

      You're both right in My opinion but the site being able to block it's performer's makes one rather dodgy about joining it. I have had disagreements with other sites and they didn't feel the need to block Me. So I trusted them enough to continue hosting.

      20 April 2018 - 1:04
    • AnastasiaNob

      I have never had any problems with the site and the owner was professional and treated me very kind when she set the account up for me but after logging in for 3 mths like all my other skype profiles everyday i never got any show requests that I can remember so I just stopped logging in. If I ever did get an occasional 1-2 requests on the site they never bought a show or either ask for an alternate payment option like paypal so I just would delete them. The owner did make me fully aware when my account was set up that I would need to bring my own traffic of which I don't have which explains why I never got any requests.

      26 April 2018 - 0:16
  • DarkMuse
    Experienced stars
    DarkMuse wrote a review about Myfetishcamgirls (2 likes)

    Actually, this site has change so much since 2016 and the changes were great. It is great site for those fetish girls looking to expand into indie territory. The payment process was smooth, great paying customers, and you have more freedom. Smiley :)

    4 October 2017 - 21:17
  • KLttyKat
    Wizard stars
    KLttyKat wrote a review about Myfetishcamgirls (3 likes)

    I am not into ad hominem attacks, so my review is objective as best as i can make it and keep the personal out of it. And this is MY EXPERIENCE. Other girls may have different ones.

    Traffic: NONE. With the exception of ONE guy, every customer that contacted me was someone that I had cammed with or made contact with through CMD. I had two shows on the site. That was it.

    Support: Indie Bill in itself if good. However, on MFCG, The owner creates your profile completely. And you have very little say in how your profile looks. It is not user friendly, you can't move, create, or do things on your own.

    Payment: IndieBill, so no issues. However, for shows from MFCG, there is NO DASHBOARD and you have to keep track of all your sales and such. So a lot relies on the site owner. You can't see it laid out through MFCG what your sales are.

    Software: You have no say in anything. Indie Bill is great for static sites. and you have no control over anything

    There is a Chit Chat room and I made A LOT of friends on there. I did. I am grateful for that. I liked that I got to meet camgirls and so on.

    Now, the not so good stuff: As camgirls, we are 1099's. INDEPENDENT CAMGIRLS. INDEPENDENT. The owner was very pushy and forgets that. She was insisting that all the girls on the site GIVE a customer free videos, pics, etc. because this customer purchased a few shows. When a few of us revolted, she was upset. If a girl chooses to not do so, that is her right as an INDEPENDENT business woman. That is a PRO to camming.

    -When I first contacted the owner I was speaking with IndieBill about taking over my personal site. She volunteered to be my payment processor--and take an additional 10% on top of what Indie takes. I was confused but left that alone.

    Then she pressured me about bringing my following, my clients to MFCG. Most of my clients are from CMD and I would NEVER redirect. 1. Unethical. 2. Some clients are wary of being asked to pay first one way then another. Not going to do it.

    Then there was the pressure for US to advertise for her. Again, I am an independent business owner. The best ROI for me is 1. CMD, 2. NF, 3. LCMS, and so on. The owner kept insisting that WE were building the site. Nope, that is not my job. My job is to work hard on my business. I am not your business partner.

    After I left the site, the owner said I was lying and I was banned. Not true. I have the skype conversations and will gladly share them.

    Owner harassed me repeatedly on WeCamGirls. Even threatened me in a private chat message. She has been told to stop harassing me. NOT PROFESSIONAL.
    concerns me as she has my legal name and my last address. Very scary as she is a bit vindictive.

    other things that caused me to leave:
    1. I posted pics of a photo shoot in our private chat group. She saved them then posted them WITH OUT my permission.
    2. Constant changing of profiles with out asking.
    3. Adding categories of such things as BOOBS. And then refusing to allow us to have a bra on for the pic. Other ideas, and she refused any feedback or constructive criticism.
    4. Constant harassment for pictures for her site ONLY. Pictures etc. And she would pick on me personally in the group chat. To the point that others would notice and comment on it.
    5. When I helped other girls get settled in on CMD and other sites, she would get upset.

    When I finally left the group chat only, she told others I was lying about my sales to make them feel bad. I never once put a number out there. I never lied or bragged about sales. I am the number 1 on CMD and I have no idea why except I work hard.

    She would make comments like that I was too vanilla, that I didn't know how to make her site work. Her attacks on me became personal.
    Then she told others that I was lying to them, blackmailed clients, etc. I couldn't handle it, so I left the site completely.

    My recommendation. This site is NOT worth joining. It is poorly managed. There is no rhyme or reason to anything on the site. It is up to the whims of the owner. There is no traffic except the traffic that is skirted over from CMD-at least in my experience.

    Maybe I am wrong and she will do good on her site? Maybe she will learn how to manage the site? I don't know. The Fetish Concept is AWESOME. But I don't think that this site layout or management is good.

    PLEASE NOTE: I tried my best to offer an OBJECTIVE opinion and review of this site.

    21 January 2017 - 6:05
    • KLttyKat

      I meant ONE STAR on the traffic. How it got 4, I don't know.

      1 December 2016 - 3:26
    • TOPMODEL18

      WoW! When I hear about cam girl own websites I sit back and watch first before sacrificing My personal information, content and social media feeds. I also need to know they are going to show Me the respect the camsites didn't along with the same payment methods before I allow them to make a profit off of Me.

      I was hoping to hear better from this site since I kept reading the owner was a camgirl who was into fetish but the pressures to succeed seem to bring out the worst in people sometimes.

      Whether your into fetish or not it doesn't matter. Throwing your photos out like confetti every day is only going to over saturate you fast and you'll be done before you even started. Cam companies not getting that is what keeps ruining the industry. There are so may freebies out there why would any one pay? Like really though?

      It just shows you have good character not wanting to break one contract to entertain another. Good on you,

      7 December 2016 - 2:13
    • KLttyKat

      Thanks Girlie. I do want to be clear, the owner thinks that I said that she forced us to give away content. And as I said over and over again that this was my experience alone. That other girls may have a different experience. I don't know.

      Also, LCMS is owned by a Camgirl. But I love Jesse. She rocks. She is so passionate about the business. And she is smart, savvy, etc.

      7 December 2016 - 10:16
    • ShanaStorm

      Sounds like an honest forthright review! It's certainly not snarky,IMO!

      7 December 2016 - 17:57
    • KLttyKat

      thank you ShanaStorm. I tried to keep the ad hominem out

      7 December 2016 - 19:15
    • JaneBurgess

      This is a very unethical review. She failed to mention she had a personal issue with the owner who has proof of the harassment. You dont write a bad review because you cant get along with people, you write honest reviews about your experience on the site.

      1 October 2017 - 5:06
  • LuanaLara120
    Experienced stars
    LuanaLara120 wrote a review about Myfetishcamgirls (1 likes)

    Hello, I'm Luana Lara from My Fetish Cam Girls, and I want to make some clear points about the site and the owner, Sylvy Sinclair. I've known Sylvy since before she came up with the idea of ​​creating this site. She has always been a great friend, she has always helped me, because she has 15 years of experience in the field and I respect that very much. Since I knew Sylvy she never wanted to harm anyone, on the contrary, she always wanted to help, always answering the girls with doubts in famous forums on the subject. She created this fetish site because she realized that it lacked a legal space where these girls could promote themselves and offer to the customers everything they could offer in terms of fetish. I've been following her fight since she started the site, and started recruiting girls. She was expelled from a site that has already begun to see her as a competitor, which was never the case. She always wanted to help the girls who registered on the site, always open to all complaints, suggestions and never forced anyone to do anything. On the contrary, it always suggested good ideas for all girls to make more and more sales on the site. What's happening is simple: the site is booming and a lot of people are feeling threatened by it, even acting in an unethical and bad-faith way against Sylvy.
    This is my real statement. The site is growing and the girls who really work and promote it are getting great sales there. It's up to other people to accept the fact, and do not think there can be other listings for camgirls who choose to work indy. On the contrary, the more sites indys, the better the individual disclosure of particular camgirl. I hope you do not get carried away by gossip and slander, try to talk to Sylvy before you get carried away by such opinions

    7 December 2016 - 14:08
    • KLttyKat

      I am glad that you are friends with the owner of MyFetishCamGirls. I wish you and her all the best of luck. I did say that my experience was my own. If in fact you are having a positive experience and are making sales on MFCG, then more power to you.

      I don't believe in commenting on character, that is why is said "I am not in to ad hominem attacks, so my review is objective as best as I can make it and keep the personal out of it. And this is MY EXPERIENCE. Other girls may have different ones." I try and keep it professional and the personal out of it.

      So best of luck to you and your friend.

      7 December 2016 - 20:40