Last update: 10 January 2018

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  • MissAdele
    MissAdele wrote a review about MFCShare

    Because MFC share is still relatively new, and I just started using it about 2 months ago, it's hard to say too much about it. It is very easy to use, and I really enjoy the integration into my regular MFC goings-on, since it's my main site. I will say it's strangely difficult to get my customers to buy videos posted there - I haven't sold one yet. Not sure if there are some weird hoops members have to jump through to do so or what, but my traffic is less than impressive on MFCshare.
    I hope there are many improvements on the way (being able to write a description for your videos would be nice, and having the ability to edit your profile header to be what you want instead of a free video, ect), but I really enjoy using the site. I can see it growing and gaining lots of traction. Now if only I could make a sale there! Grr!

    10 January 2018 - 12:10