If you dealt with Dating members before you will probably fancy Firecams as 90% of the members are coming from one of the biggest dating networks in the industry. They offer: * High-quality traffic from Top Tier GEOs * Up to 50% revenue share * Extra income-generating tools & features * Fast and On-Time payments * Friendly and qualified support
Payment Methods • Bank wire transfer
• Paxum
• Epayservice
Payment Minimum $100 - Paxum, ePayservice $500 - Bank wire transfer
Payment Frequency Models on Firecams can get paid as frequently as bi-weekly, usually the immediate day after a period’s end. There is a 5 days buffer, in case the period ends on the weekend or on a national or international bank holiday.
Concept Premium
Geoblocking Models have the option to ban guests from certain countries. Even though more than one country can be blocked, is highly recommended that first Tier countries are not to be blocked unless highly necessary.
Female Models
Male Models
TS Models
Couple Models
Languages Firecams provides model support mainly in English language, however, Romanian and Russian language model support is also available.
Chargebacks Firecams covers the chargebacks. Cam models are 100% protected. NO chargebacks are applied.
Official Reps Robin
WeCamgirls Members 2
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FireCams Earnings

A cam model on Firecams the payment percentages can vary from 30% - 50%. This mainly depends on the time spent online and the engagement with the users. A detailed explanation of the payment system can be checked under our wiki page: [url]https://wiki.livecammates.com/index.php/Main_Page[/url]

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IreliaOx wrote a review about FireCams (1 Likes)
August 3, 2021 - 12:17

Edit. My account got suspended for ''low performance". LOL, so i do not have right to have free days because I was on vacation? They proved they do not care for all models.
This site doesnt deserve not even 1star. Smiley :)

I better look for sites that really care about models, unlike Firecams is a shity site and they literally do not give a f*ck for all models.

August 17, 2021 - 10:33

Hello @Irelia, I am sorry you feel this way and I am sorry that you got suspended. Being suspended for this reason doesn't necessarily mean that we do not care about the models, on the contrary. Have you contacted the support prior to post here and ask for details?

genesisbbyxo wrote a review about FireCams
May 16, 2020 - 16:05

I signed up but can't find the button or the process to become a model. I'm even sure if they're taking models because of this.

May 17, 2020 - 7:15

I think we are supposed to go through livecammates to do it.. i am suspicous,nobody seems to work for them from here and they require 100$ minimum payout.

June 2, 2020 - 21:03

I wrote them asking how to apply and this is answer [email protected] Unsubscribe 4:56 PM (4 hours ago) to me Dear Sir\Madam, Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in joining our platform. Thank you for your interest in becoming a webcam model on our platform. Currently, you will be able to register as a model after you are filling the following form one of our partners:

. Feel free to contact us, if you have any other questions.

FireCams Reviews (by non-members):

Dez wrote a review about FireCams
November 2, 2021 - 23:23

I familiarized myself with the features of this site from the get-go and then observed really close to see if the words matched what is seen. Some things dont follow suit with success. One is that part of the model's job is to be social and be somewhat entertaining or amusing, and to convey a character that 'charms' men into going private with her. A decent model would know not to "push" going private on anyone. The men ask her. This is how a LADY would do it. Also many of the models complaints is about "rude" behavior and dialogue. Going on the premise that we can trust that we 'll see behavior like they insist on. BUT every time you enter a free chat for the very first, in less than a minute they send you a request to go private. Or tell her no thanks. This little manner of doing that is both rude and bullying to any aware patron, and clearly, a LADY would never do that to a stranger in her room for the first time. Never. She wouldn't need to push anything and doesnt. And going private is $20 for 2 minutes. No dialogue and surely a recorded snip of a lady playing with herself. Theres no evidence that the entire thing is prerecorded cam show from who knows when, and all the comments and dialogue the model may do could be anyone on a keyboard watching along with patrons . You'll see in other reviews that "good" cam site girls will have hundreds of guys or thousands in her room at one time. Ok if only 10% commented in free chat. That's 100 guys chatting with her at the same time. She's barely typing at all. And as soon as you enter she'll be like "oh hi $####, " that couldn't happen unless room was empty. Cmon, these things aren't pronounced though. Another thing is going into a new models free chat the very first time and the model's like., "hey. Xnxx what's up. How are you.?" ( why does she know my name and greet me in 20 seconds and the rooms allegedly got hundreds of guys in it? Again....not supposed to notice these very revealing 'things. It's hard telling not knowing but any other operation, if one promise turns up false they may as well all be. I have come to believe that it could have some real life people on the site while if it turned out to be complete fake and every model"s performances are bootlegged and none of the models really exist on the site........it would surprise me at all. Most of the model's comments in chat may as well be a guy typing them. Thry are always things men would say. Out of touch with how ladies act. This is all clearly observable. Also all the models listen to the same music. Which would never happen in real life. Romanian models room.....limp rap music/hip hop. Russian models room.....limp rap/hip hop, Columbian models room...limp rap / hip hop. In real life this would not happen. Agsin... not supposed to notice.

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