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DonaDiabla wrote a review about Chatstar
ChatStar took over three weeks to approve my profile and two months to upload my new photos. Now, their customer service has improved over the past year but it was hard to get started. Really, they cater to cam models with big followings or porn stars. If you are one of these types...than ChatStar is for you. However, Chatstar is not really for the regular, alternative, or other types of cam models.
You know, I've had chatstar for like a year and I STILL don't understand how it works! Like, when you get a call, is there a number that when revealed in my callerid, i can immediately attribute to a chatstar phone call?

the rep they assigned me tried calling me once to show me...but she didn't even coordinate that with me so I have no idea if she really did or not. It was one of those things when I found out days later because she sent me an email.

This review is old...are you still on chatstar?
Yes, I am Chatstar and it was still problematic. However, they are trying hard to promote more of us less well-known girls. Smiley :)

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