Payment Methods • Check (mailed/emailed)
• Direct bank deposit
• Bank wire transfer
• Payza
Payment Minimum $50 for US residents and $100 for everyone outside the US.
Payment Frequency Twice per month.
Concept Premium
Female Models
Male Models
TS Models
Couple Models
Number of Camgirls 200
Languages English
Allowed to work on other sites
Official Reps SNRSteve
Alexa Ranking 76971
WeCamgirls Members 7
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CamwithHer Earnings

Models on CamwithHer make 50 - 70% depending on online hours and exclusivity.

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CamwithHer Reviews by customers
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FlowerPower wrote a review about CamwithHer (5 Likes)
March 22, 2015 - 1:37

I had given this a try because I was intrigued by the kinds of models they have and it seemed like it was a tight-knit community (they have a forum, etc). I was actually hoping for the hourly rate but they have since discontinued it. The owner stated things were going well on the site so I figured, what the heck? I'll give it a try.

I was logged on for an hour and knew afterwards that I would never return. The UI was awful, the members I brought (I have a following) were upset because, after 30 minutes, they couldn't see my stream anymore without purchasing credits. I can see how this may be a feature that many would like, but it wasn't a good fit for me or my following. The entire hour I was logged on, I had 3 or less people in my room (1-2 people were members I brought personally to try it out with me).

If this wasn't bad enough, their contract is a HOT MESS. Wow. Watch out before you sign anything. I had crossed so many items out. There's a clause in it (that I crossed out) that states you cannot "bad mouth" the company and, if you do, you may be charged $100 per offence, must pay all these legal fees, among a whole bunch of other crazy clauses but this one stood out to me.

For the cherry on top of all of this, they state that all models MUST as in all models are REQUIRED to do a bunch of monthly tasks to maintain being a model. Such things include: making 2 blog posts per month (which requires a separate sign up), uploading at least 1 video per month (which requires a separate sign up), uploading x amount (I forget how much) of photos per month, and making 10 forum posts per month. Like... really? Really....

All in all, I can see why this website is on the decline. The owner claims that the small group of members they do have are large spenders but... I couldn't give it another hour of my time to find out for certain. I made $0 with a 40% cut, haha.

LoonaVision wrote a review about CamwithHer (4 Likes)
February 15, 2014 - 18:49

It was amazing website before 2011 I guess.
But as soon as sites as myfreecams and chaturbate gained more popularity, camwithher lost a lot of traffic, what is very said, coz I loved that website very very much!

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