Payment Methods • Bank wire transfer
• WesternUnion
• Paxum
Payment Minimum 25
Payment Frequency Weekly
Concept Premium
Female Models
Chargebacks Camsuzane has a low risk of chargeback. More than 90% of the payments are made through ATM reference method controlled by SIBS Portugal, to buy credit with this method, the customer must have money available in his bank account if there is no budget the payment is refused.
WeCamgirls Members 5
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CamSuzane Earnings

On CamSuzane in the last fortnight of each month the site pays the month Cam prizes to three most visited models. They also pay productivity bonuses for models that get more sales during the month. This is not running anymore NOW on "Cam of the day" all models can win a daily prize of 10% of their daily bill.... The models that are able to reach the level "GOLD" receive a 10% bonus on total turnover that day. More info ... On CamSuzane you get also paid to be online in free chat, but under certain conditions. To get this money the model will have to: 1- sell 250 Tokens = Eur 25 or more tokens this week. 2- be online at least 10 hours in the week. 3- paying attention to customers chatting, being friendly and polite. LEVELS minimum 10 hours connected = 0.50 per hour 11 to 20 Hours = 0.80 per hour (if sell 300 tokens in the week) 21 to 30 hours or more = 1.00 per hour (if sell 400 tokens in the week) 40 hours or more = 2.00 per hour (if sell 500 tokens in the week) NOTE: whenever these requirements are not fulfilled, the model does not receive those hours and the counter back to 0.00 the following week.

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PrettySuzFun wrote a review about CamSuzane (4 Likes)
March 31, 2017 - 18:51

camsuzane was a camsite in the past, now it is my personal camsite. I bought the domain when the previous site had finish

May 18, 2016 - 19:26

i might be interested to join...but i don't speak portuguese.. do i have any chance of them speaking english?

May 18, 2016 - 21:44

yes, the most of portuguese can speak english, we have english classes at school, and we are friends, I can teach you some portuguese words Smiley :))

May 19, 2016 - 17:20

How is the traffic and the freeloaders vs spenders ratio ?

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