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  • PufferFish
    Demigod stars
    PufferFish wrote a review about Bitvids (3 likes)

    Note- I gave payment as 5 stars as a default in order to be fair but I personally have not made a sale.

    I assumed when signing up that customers would be able to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal or something but they must already have everything set up on their end so only customers who are at least semi savvy on cryptocurrencies already will be able to buy from you. I discovered this unfortunately by losing a custom video purchase as he said when he went to pay he clicked on it and got nothing but a stream of numbers lol. This really sucks as while many guys would appreciate the anonymity of paying in Bitcoin, not many are familiar with using it as of yet.
    Support is polite and quick to reply.
    I had a small technical issue that ended up pretty much fixing itself and other than that haven't had any issues using the site on my end.
    They are only giving a additional percentage for models who work on Chaturbate which I personally think is unfair.
    My personal opinion- this is a site with definite potential but lacking in traffic currently so be forewarned that if you sign up it will be with hope of it picking up at a later date not of actually making any statistically valuable amount of money currently.

    BitVids staff if you are reading this:
    It would be very helpful to make the process to make a purchase as easy as possible on the customers hit one or two buttons max and to have clear instructions.
    The extra percentage should be offered for any model who add the BitVids link to their cam site or personal website not just Chaturbate.

    October 23, 2018 - 22:00
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      Thanks for the honest review! I hear you on all these points - expanding the badge beyond Chaturbate is something I'd like to add soon. Agreed on the checkout flow, it needs to be simplified further. Also agreed on the traffic issue - it's our main focus at this point. For what it's worth, we've doubled in traffic this month and have a few things coming up that might help too (bigger buyer discount, model referral program, SpankPay Merchant Network).

      October 24, 2018 - 6:32
    • /images/spacer.gif

      So is bitvids chaturbate? Isn't chaturbate all over this WCG forum for girls having content theft? So if we upload videos to bitvids are they not in the same jeopardy and being stolen like on chaturbate or manyvids?

      October 31, 2018 - 19:35