Create and sell your content through 4Fans. Interact with select audiences, gain new followers, receive quality tips, and more! Come join us!
Payment Methods • Bank wire transfer
• Paxum
Payout Percentages 75%
Payment Minimum They conduct payouts when a Creator has collected over 200 EUR.
Payment Frequency Payouts are carried out on a 15-day rolling basis. Every 1st and 15th in the month
Female Models
Male Models
TS Models
Couple Models
Number of Camgirls Over 100
Languages English and German
Allowed to work on other sites
Chargebacks If Fan make a purchase on 4FANS that results in a chargeback, they may terminate his account. They reserve the right to withhold any funds or proceeds from Creators and Live Creators for the sale of any Content that results in a chargeback.
Official Reps 4Fans
WeCamgirls Members 0
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4Fans Earnings

With, Creators keep 75% of all earnings, except for certain sales that have been provided by affiliate link, on which creators keep 50%.

They offer several payout methods: 
• Bank Wire (requires you to provide SWIFT and IBAN numbers, depending on the bank’s policies) 
• PAXUM (WARNING!! Creators from the USA can receive payout only via PAXUM business account) 
• Cryptocurrency USDT (Tether) Wallet (please use a crypto currency Wallet that supports USDT (Tether) stable coins)
Note: This means that Creators from the USA can receive payout only via PAXUM Business account or USDT (Tether) stable coins. 

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