Interview: Shirley from Chaturbate

1) Who are you and for which company do you work?

I'm Shirley from

2) How did you get into the adult industry? How long have you been a part of the industry?

I responded to an ad to sell XXX content to adult websites. I applied and got hired. From there I met a website owner who had a network of celebrity based websites similar to MrSkin. They needed someone who had interest in celebrity gossip and have the technical background to update the website. The job was a good fit. It was basically the gateway to a career in the porn industry.

3) What is your ultimate goal for the company / site? What about for the cam industry in general?

Our goal is to provide the best possible platform for broadcasters and the best possible experience for members.

4) What can we expect from your company in the near future? Are you going to introduce new features?

We have so many features to add but currently our biggest concern is sustaining the traffic. Since our launch in June of 2011 we have continuously grown every month. Our biggest accomplishment to date is to be the first and only website to offer apps and bots. Apps control how tips are generated offering things like Token Keno, King Of Tips, Hangman..etc.. Bots control chat and offer things like Automatic thank you after every tip, removes words from chat listed in performers ban list, tip menu..etc Chaturbate has over 300+ apps and bots.

5) What are the best and worst things about working for a company that is involved in the cam industry?

The best and most rewarding is hearing from performers that changed their life for the positive. Its those success stories that keep us going. The worst are keyboard warriors.

6) What is your off-the-job life like? And do you tell everybody that you work in this industry?

My life is pretty normal. I workout a minimum of 3 times a week, go out to dinner with girlfriends, and hang out with family. When I'm asked about my job I say I work for a software development company. In reality that is what we are.

7) Do you have any funny stories about working in this type of job? What's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?

The strangest thing that has happened to me is recognizing one of our male performers at a bar. We have so many people on our site I was pretty shocked that I could name his account.

8) Is there anything you'd like to "clear up" about people that work for camsites?

When we receive emails with suggestions we actually do read them and take them into consideration.

9) What is your best advice for a new model on your site?

The best advice I can give is to have fun! When you're genuinely enjoying yourself it shows.

10) How do you deal with scammers/chargebacks/nasty clients?

When a user does a chargeback we ban the account until its reversed. If a user is being unruly we ban them as well. If they try to create a new account with the same ip address the new accounts are automatically banned.

11) What is your motto?

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.


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skagle1970 Mistress
November 27, 2014 - 14:34

Nice interview! And I really enjoy Shirley's site. Chaturbate is a fun place. It has its flaws, but all sites too. But lots of friendly people there.

TightCouple Superstar
November 28, 2014 - 22:32

Nice interview. Shirley is super helpful, we do great on Chaturbate!

tls Hero
December 5, 2014 - 3:01

Thanks for the article, really cool. I know that whenever I needed something taken care of or explained, I contact Shirley and she gets it done. Thank you, Shirley!!! Allow me to add that I really like how dealings with scammers/chargebacks/nasty clients are handled.

LoonaVision King
February 20, 2015 - 21:40

ah, Shirley! nice to see you here! you have helped me so much with chaturbate!!!!

punkerbarbie Goddess
February 24, 2015 - 23:25

Thanks for the kind words. Im always happy to help! Smiley :P -Shirley

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