Welcome to the discussion on the new affiliate program by dickratingsonly.com, which offers a payment of $2 to $3 per conversion. This initiative is designed for those interested in monetizing their traffic by promoting a unique service within the adult industry. Here's a brief summary of the conversation:

  • The affiliate program was recently launched and is seeking to attract participants by offering competitive payouts. Registration is free, and affiliates can easily obtain their referral link for promotion.
  • Questions arose regarding the site's traffic and its viability as a platform dedicated exclusively to dick ratings, especially considering the claim of a 100% payout rate without any commissions.
  • Concerns were voiced about the legitimacy of the site, its traffic levels, and its approach to marketing and model recruitment. Some forum members are skeptical about the site's promotional strategies and the veracity of its claims regarding the number of active raters.
  • The site charges a monthly fee for premium features, but this has led to debate about the fairness and attractiveness of such a model to potential contributors, especially when compared to other platforms that do not charge models to join.
  • Discussion also touched on the competition from free services available on platforms like Reddit, questioning the unique value proposition of dickratingsonly.com.
  • Further scrutiny revealed concerns about the site's operational transparency, its domain registration details, and the authenticity of model profiles and customer feedback.
  • Allegations were made linking dickratingsonly.com to other adult-oriented platforms, suggesting possible operational overlap and questioning the site's marketing and recruitment practices.

This summary captures the key points of discussion among forum members, reflecting a mix of curiosity, skepticism, and the need for clarity on the benefits and operations of the dickratingsonly.com affiliate program and platform.

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