Welcome to the "September Earnings" discussion! Here, we dive into our performances, sharing daily earnings and setting goals for September. Whether you're adjusting for time off or aiming to increase your hours, this thread is a rich tapestry of strategies, outcomes, and camaraderie among webcam models. Highlights include:

  • Discussions on balancing work with personal commitments and how it affects earnings.
  • Sharing of individual earnings from various platforms to give a comprehensive view of potential income sources.
  • Strategies for consistency, determination, and improving personal bests in earnings.
  • Insights into the impact of external factors such as vacation periods on monthly earnings.
  • Encouragement and motivation through sharing goals, whether they are financial targets or personal development aims like "more money, less weight".
  • Concerns about the integrity of the forum and the presence of fake accounts.
  • Real-time updates and reflections on daily earnings, offering a glimpse into the fluctuations within the industry.
  • Community support and advice, including tips on how to potentially increase visibility and earnings on different platforms.

Whether you're seeking advice, inspiration, or a sense of community, this thread is a valuable resource for webcam models at any stage of their career.

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