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Welcome to the [MAIN] MYM discussion! This topic is dedicated to sharing insights, experiences, and valuable information about MYM, an innovative social network designed for Creators. Here's what's being talked about:

  • Introduction to MYM, highlighting its role as a unique platform for creators to share exclusive content like videos, photos, and live moments. It's described as catering to those seeking a more intimate connection with their audience, setting it apart from other social networks. Visit MYM

  • A request for reviews about MYM, accompanied by detailed calculations of potential earnings for creators based on the user's location (France vs. the United States) and associated fees. This includes specifics on pricing, VAT, banking fees, and the final calculation of a creator's revenue share.

For more detailed reviews and discussions, members are encouraged to contribute their own experiences and insights regarding MYM's platform, earnings potential, and audience engagement.

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