Welcome to our professional forum discussion on preferred interactive toys. This summary provides an overview of the insights and preferences shared by our community members regarding two popular options: Esca2 and Lush3, among others. Here's what our members have to say:

  • There's a general preference for the Lush3 over the Esca2, mainly due to the Lush's stronger performance and compatibility with a broader range of sites.
  • One member mentions preferring the Lovense brand (Lush3) over Kiiroo (Esca2) due to better site integration and overall satisfaction.
  • Despite the Lush3's popularity, there's a mention of a preference for the Lush2, citing it as a superior experience.
  • An alternative suggestion was the Domi, indicating it's also a favored choice, though not as frequently mentioned as the Lush or Esca models.
  • Some members shared experiences with device durability, noting replacements under warranty for both the Lush3 and Esca2, indicating customer service satisfaction but also concerns about product longevity.

It's evident that while preferences vary, the Lush series (especially Lush2 and Lush3) hold a significant favor among our community, with considerations for strength, compatibility, and customer service experience shaping their choices.

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