Explore the latest innovation by Lovense, the Gravity dildo, a groundbreaking addition to the world of cam performances. This tip-activated, thrusting and vibrating dildo is designed to enhance your shows, making them more interactive and immersive. Here's a brief summary of the discussions and information shared by our community members:

  • Gravity is compatible with all major cam sites and integrates seamlessly with Lovense's software.
  • Features a strong suction cup allowing it to adhere to any smooth surface, expanding the possibilities for creative use during performances.
  • Designed for both solo performers and couples, offering versatility in its use.
  • Concerns and queries about the product's noise level were addressed, noting the thrusting mechanism is decently loud, with vibration sounds being pretty standard.
  • Dimensions were specified as having an insertable length of 5.12 inches. Community feedback suggests interest in varying sizes for future iterations.
  • Some users experienced issues accessing the provided link, receiving an "IP restricted" message due to frequent access.

For more detailed information and to explore the Gravity dildo further, visit Lovense's official page. Our community continues to provide valuable feedback and insights on their experiences with this new addition to the Lovense lineup.

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