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Welcome to our discussion on callJaneDoe, a platform for phone sex and chat services. In this thread, our community of webcam models shares insights, experiences, and advice related to working with callJaneDoe and the broader industry. Here are some key points covered:

  • callJaneDoe offers a 70% payout percentage with weekly payments.
  • Several members noted the site's low traffic for new models, emphasizing the importance of self-promotion to succeed.
  • Comparisons with other platforms like NiteFlirt and suggest these may offer better traffic and, for some, preferable working conditions.
  • A proposal for creating a new phone chat/sexting site or private-based cam site was discussed, highlighting the desire for a platform with better aesthetics and functionality.
  • Concerns about the necessity of generating one's traffic and the impact on earnings and visibility on callJaneDoe.
  • Technical issues, such as problems saving client notes and logging out unexpectedly, were reported by several users.
  • A new policy regarding missed calls was introduced, leading to discussions about its fairness and technical feasibility, given the site's existing issues.
  • The potential for account deletion without prior notice and the importance of contacting support for clarification.
  • Warnings about possible spam calls after registering and concerns over data privacy and security.
  • Insights into the site's policies on texting response times and the implications for chargebacks and online status.

This thread serves as a resource for models to share their experiences, seek advice, and discuss the evolving landscape of online adult entertainment platforms.

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