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Welcome to the discussion on Fanvue, a platform designed for fans and subscription-based content. Here's a brief summary of what our community members have shared about their experiences and insights regarding Fanvue:

  • Fanvue offers an 85% payout percentage for the year 2022.
  • Payment methods include CosmoPayment and MassPay, with a minimum payment threshold of 20 USD.
  • Payments can be requested on demand, providing flexibility for content creators.
  • Members have shared their personal experiences, highlighting the ease of getting verified, akin to the old-school Twitter checkmark, yet emphasizing the necessity of completing age verification.
  • The platform has been praised for its aesthetic, user-friendly interface, and innovative ways to incentivize profile visits, converting followers into paying subscribers.
  • Although previously available, the "go live" functionality is currently paused for improvements, with plans to reintroduce it in the future.
  • Recent updates include a lowered minimum withdrawal for bank account payouts to $20, with some users experiencing exceptionally fast processing times, noting deposits as quick as the following morning after a late-night request.

This summary captures the essence of what our community is discussing about Fanvue. For those considering the platform or seeking to maximize their presence there, these insights could prove invaluable.

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