Welcome to the discussion on setting rates and prices for webcam models in 2021. This thread is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through pricing strategies, site-specific rates, and personal experiences shared by fellow models. Here's a summary of the key points:

  • Models are contemplating whether to adjust their private show rates for the upcoming year, considering factors like site policies, client expectations, and personal income goals.
  • Shared rates vary significantly across platforms, with some models maintaining a consistent price point while others adjust based on the platform's revenue share, client base, and personal experiences.
  • There's a debate on the effectiveness of setting a higher price to attract quality clients versus a lower price to increase the number of shows. Some models have found success in raising their rates, while others prefer to keep them low to stay competitive.
  • Tips and strategies for setting prices include considering the type of session, potential additional earnings from tips, and the importance of not undervaluing one's services.
  • Models discuss the impact of their nationality and the platform's demographic on their ability to set certain rates. Despite challenges, there's encouragement to value one's worth and experiment with pricing.
  • The thread also touches on the tactical aspects of pricing, such as adjusting rates for specific actions or during certain times of the year, and the importance of setting boundaries and clear service offerings.

This thread is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced webcam models looking to optimize their pricing strategies and learn from the community's collective wisdom. Whether you're considering a rate change or seeking advice on how to price your services, you'll find a wealth of insights and supportive advice.

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