TruffleLive is the leading Social Live Streaming platform in Latin America. With more than 10M active users, our content creators are able to monetize any type of content - photos, videos, video and audio calls, exclusive content, and many others.

Payout Percentages 50% - 70%
Payment Methods PayPal, ePay, Paxum
Payment Minimum 50 USD
Payment Frequency On request
WeCamgirls Members 1
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TruffleLive Features

  • Livestream and Monetize ANY type of content
  • Hosts can earn up to 70% rev-share!
  • Truffle Cash! Invite your fans from other platforms and earn additional 5% on their total spending.
  • Contact and Monetize your followers 24/7 through multiple DM options
  • Pay per minute on audio and video calls
  • Easy to redeem with multiple payment options - PayPal, ePay, Paxum

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Tristan is a co-founder of this community. Interwebs nerd by day (and by night). Likes to watch sports and has gathered substantial knowledge about the webcam world, by visiting conferences and talking to (and drinking with) people from the industry.

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