The Camspower affiliate program is mainly known for promoting XCams. They have a wide variety of options (Revshare, PPL, PPS etc. ) and two other sites you can promote.
Affiliate program for the following sites:
Payout: RevShare Earn up to 60% Lifetime Revshare on all revenue generated per new member. Fixed PPS (GEO based) For every new client that generates its first transaction (discovery offer $1 excluded), earn a high PPS payout, regardless the pack amount selected (small or big). Payout varies based on 3 georgraphical zones - France, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Switzerland: $88 - Other countries within European Union: $55 - Other countries outside the European Union: $33 Variable PPS For every new client, earn a steady 80% on the amount of the first purchased pack (France, The Netherlands, Belgium) and 50% for all other countries (excluding the discovery offer of $1). PPL $5.00 (Tier 1) $3.00 (Tier 2) $1.00 (Tier 3)
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delsinpistons wrote a review about Camspower
August 29, 2020 - 23:54

Reason I'm giving cam power this rating is due to the fact they have no male content for gay male sites I signed up under the impression but they did due to them being part of the affiliates of x live cams and a few other webcam sites that I am a member of rating will increase if they add male content not strictly all female

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