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Modetize has been focused on content production and monetization for over 15 years. We are content producers with strong technology backgrounds. This all starts with content production and making sure your process is efficient, quality content, and organized in a way so you can maximize your revenues. You must always have a plan in mind, how to take your content and distribute it to the world. Every level of revenue should be accounted for and you must be looking to find ways to increase it at all times.

Shooting Content

Before you start shooting content you will need a place to store all your content, its important that you find a secure place, either in the cloud or by purchasing a large hard drive. After this, keep on shooting! Using your mobile phone or high resolution professional cameras, you can create content that sells! Build a fan base and find way to sell them your exclusive content in many different places. With the mobile phone you can really create strong BTS (Behind the scene) type content that sells!! You can also partner up and do POV (Point of View) style sex scenes which never show your faces! This SELLS! There are creative ways to utilize what you have to create content that will sell, the amateur content world wide are BIG sellers! Always make sure that the persons in your content are over the age of 18, consenting, with documentation, 2257, model releases are important so that everything is secure for all parties. You don’t to get caught off guard.

What to do with your content?

You have all this content now, what do you do with it and how do you monetize it the best way possible? This is a fantastic position to be, because content is king and you have it now. There are many ways you can combined content to generate DVD, Create revenue from the Video on Demand platforms, there is content licensing, the content platforms, you could even launch your own membership based pay sites. Once you have content it is all about finding new ways to monetize it. Another direction, which is very much long term revenue are the video on demand sites. This can be done directly by creating the accounts on each VOD site. If you are tight for time and don’t feel you can handle this leg work, we highly suggest you make a deal with a partner, they will gladly help you do this. You can generate quality revenue long term by placing your content onto VOD sites.

Monetizing Content on Platforms

Which leads us to the content platforms, which are hubs of content producers who are generating revenue with your content and their traffic. This is the best place to monetize your content, because the more quality content you have the more money you make. You can truly build a fan base and guide them to the different platforms to purchase your content. Right now there are MANY different platforms out there and not enough time to upload to all of them.

Our product helps you distribute your content to ALL the platforms, by adding your video, typing your details and with the click of a button, the content will go on EVERY platform that is offered. Our technology is intuitive and it really allows you to manage the pricing, tags, categories and even the scheduling helps you save time and use that time to focus on your fans. The most important part after content production, is building your fan base. If you are spending all your time on uploading, then you can not focus on your fans.

Using is a VERY strong way to focus your efforts in other directions, specifically generating more content to monetize. It’s simple, you just sign up , link all the platforms and away you go. Sending content to the platforms with the click of a button will scale your content production efforts substantially.

Take time, focus on your content and really work to make as much money possible with all the content you produce. We stand behind and the things it can do, to really help performers like you to generate the most out of your content!


Katidiamond, Paisleyluves, SusieScorpio, Tristan, ValThorn
GymAnneye Professional
March 12, 2020 - 1:11

Sounds a'ight, 'cept y'all need a new editor just saying. For real though, you do. Or, at the least, you need to hire a freelance copy editor you can trust. This in itself would increase your believability and therefore your profit margin mmkay. Also. You charge a straight up sign up fee??! Hiiiiilarious. I highly recommend offering a marginal percentage based payment option upon registry. Otherwise the membership fee will undoubtedly douse the flickers of tomorrow's bonfires of profit heat. My name is Christina and I speak in parables like Jesus y'all. Holla. Smiley (K)

modetize Learner
March 12, 2020 - 13:00

Thank you for your feedback! We charge a monthly fee for our technology, we did not want to take a % of revenue that performers work hard to generate. Yes percentage would be more profitable, but we are here to help performers, studios, management companies and content producers generate more by distributing their content to all platforms using

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