Welcome to our "Elimination Game" topic summary. This game is a dynamic and engaging way for members to discuss and rank various subjects related to the webcam modeling industry and beyond. Here's how it works:

  • Participants start with a list of five subjects, each initially assigned 10 points.
  • With each post, members adjust the points: adding one to their favorite subject and subtracting one from their least favorite.
  • When a subject reaches 0 points, it's eliminated and replaced by another subject starting with 10 points.
  • Subjects that accumulate 30 points are honored in the start post's "Wall of Fame".

The game began with subjects ranging from webcam platforms to pop culture references, demonstrating the diverse interests within our community. Through strategic voting and playful banter, members navigate the game, promoting subjects they support while demoting others.

Current standings show varied preferences, with "Footplay" gaining traction and "Donald Trump" on the brink of elimination. This reflects the ever-changing dynamics and interests of our community members.

Join the game to influence the ranking, enjoy light-hearted discussions, and connect with fellow professionals over common interests.

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