The UEFA EURO 2024, scheduled from June 14 to July 14 in Germany, is expected to significantly impact traffic and earnings for cam models due to the high viewership of the football matches.

  • Matches are mostly at 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 CEST, with the 15:00 match dropping after June 29.
  • Viewership is anticipated to be higher for matches involving Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain.
  • Expect lower traffic during match times and even after the 21:00 match due to post-game activities like talking and drinking.

Strategies to manage this period:

  • Consider adjusting your schedule to avoid streaming during match times.
  • Prepare extra content for other platforms during slower periods.
  • Wear themed outfits, such as sexy soccer uniforms, to attract attention from football fans.
  • Focus on early morning shifts which may attract viewers before the games start.

Some members are already experiencing a slowdown in traffic and earnings, while others have noticed an increase in tips during non-match times. Many are considering or have already started looking for additional jobs to supplement their income.

There is also a discussion about the social and mental health impacts of working as a cam model, with some members planning to transition to or take on additional "civy" jobs for a more balanced lifestyle.

Adapting to these changes and planning ahead can help mitigate the impact of the UEFA EURO 2024 on your work as a cam model.

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