Welcome to the summary of our discussion on incorporating the Domi into your live shows. This topic has seen contributions from experienced models sharing how they integrate this versatile tool into their performances to enhance viewer engagement and increase tips. Here's a brief overview:

  • Understanding the operational differences between the Domi and other interactive toys, such as the Lush, which is designed for internal use, while the Domi is primarily external.
  • Strategies for using the Domi without it being inserted, including placing it on the outside of clothing or lingerie to add an interactive element to your show.
  • Exploring creative show ideas, like adding a tip menu item specifically for Domi use, which could include actions like insertion or simulated riding, offering viewers an incentive to tip for specific actions.

This discussion provides valuable insights into the flexible use of the Domi, suggesting ways to creatively incorporate it into your shows for increased engagement and tips. Whether you're new to using interactive toys or looking for fresh ideas, this summary offers a glimpse into the shared experiences and suggestions from your fellow models.

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