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Welcome to the discussion on PantyBay, a platform of interest for webcam models and those involved in panty sales. This thread serves as a resource for members to share experiences, updates, and engage directly with the founder of PantyBay. Here's a quick summary of what's been covered:

  • Introduction to PantyBay, including a link to external reviews.
  • Members' inquiries and personal experiences with the platform.
  • Clarification on PantyBay's payout details, highlighting discrepancies between advertised and actual payout percentages.
  • Engagement from the founder of PantyBay, Sam, offering direct support and updates on the platform's development and future features.
  • Discussions on the official representation of PantyBay within the forum, aiming to establish a formal presence.
  • Anticipation for PantyBay's full launch, with promises of innovative features and significant traffic sources.

This thread provides valuable insights for those interested in using PantyBay as a platform for panty sales or seeking information about its offerings and future plans. Members have shared both positive experiences and concerns, making it a comprehensive resource for professional discussion.

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