PPS, PPL, RevShare are terms that you've probably seen around the Net. Do you know what these mean and are you using them to their full potential? Lots of times when I see models promoting themselves on Twitter for example, they are not using a referral ID. This article will explain a bit more about affiliate marketing and how you can make some extra money. Even a lot of extra money.

I will start with explaining what an affiliate program is and we'll take a better look at the lingo that is used in affiliate marketing and more specific the lingo that is used in camsite affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs
What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a marketing system that rewards affiliates for referring sales, clicks or leads. Many credit Amazon for starting the first affiliate marketing program in 1996 and at this moment most companies of the Internet Retailer Top 500 have one. This is also the case in the cam world; most camsites work with an affiliate program and one is more elaborate than the other. You have VideoSecrets for example which is the affiliate program for Flirt4Free, ClickCash for iFriends, PussyCash for ImLive and sometimes it is integrated in the camsite itself for example in Chaturbate or Webcams.com. The point of affiliate programs in the cam world is the same as in the rest of the Internet; to direct more people that spend money to a camsite. Some camsites have an affiliate program especially for models, but most of the time there is simply one for all affiliates(which includes the models). Usually there are three options within a camsite affiliate program; Pay Per Sale (PPS), Revenue Sharing (RevShare) and Pay Per Lead. What do these options mean, what are the pros and what are the cons and which one should I use?

Pay Per Sale
Pay Per Sale (sometimes referred to as cost-per-sale or CPS or Pay Per Signup) is an advertisement system that is based on the number of sales, i.e. how much customers spend money (for example by buying tokens). It rewards affiliates with a flat fee for referring paying members to a camsite. These PPS vary a lot, but in general they are between $50 and $150 per paying customer. (For example, on the (Live)Jasmin affiliate program AWEmpire you get $150 for the first two signups in a time period. Signup 3-10 you get $200, 11-20 you get 225 and so on)

PPS is popular among affiliates because you get a big sum of money for every sale. It's simply getting paid and be done with it.

You're missing out on the "Whales", the guys that spend a lot of money for a longer period of time because the money you receive has no relationship with the amount of money that is spend.

Revenue Sharing
With RevShare you will earn a percentage of the money a customer spends on a camsite. This can be for a specific period of time (say the first year that this customer is active on the site) or in most cases "lifetime" (so as long as this customer is member). RevShare also varies. In general you get between 20% and 40% of what a customer spends on the camsite. (For example , on the ImLive affiliate program PussyCash you get 35% commission on every credit purchased by a customer you've referred)

In potential there is no limit to the money you could earn.

There are always a lot of customers that only buy tokens once. You don't know how much you are going to make when you make a sale.

Pay Per Lead
Pay Per Lead is an advertising model solely based on the delivery of leads i.e. the number of customers you refer to a camsite. These customers don't have to buy tokens. In most cases they just have to register for a free account. These PPL customers in general are worth between $0.20 and $3 per register. Sometimes it depends on the country that they are from (For example on the PussyCash program you get $3 for a Lead from the USA, but only $0.20 for a Lead from Brazil, while on the Chaturbate program you get $1 for every Lead)

You make money even when the customer doesn't buy any tokens.

The amount you get is really small.

Almost every affiliate program has different commission levels (you can see it in the PPS example of AWEmpire). Generally speaking, the more you sell the higher the percentage or the higher the flat fee that you receive. Is there one marketing system that is "the best"? Should I use PPS, PPL or RevShare? In the end it all depends on the quality of your leads i.e. the kind of customer that you send to the site. But for cammodels the answer is quite clear. In most cases RevShare is for you the way to go. When a customer is looking for you and clicking your link you can up your income. Sometimes with even one third or more! And you can convince the customer to come back to build a longtime relationship. For a longtime relationship RevShare is by far the best choice.

To find an overview of the different affiliate programs you can visit one of our latest websites . You can find affiliate programs for adult content, webcamming and adult dating and leave a review.




Thank you for writing this, Tristan. Wow, is this ever helpful! Smiley :)

The affiliate program for MyFreeCams is CrakRevenue.com - and most sites have affiliate programs if you click the "webmasters" link at the bottom. Some smaller sites do affiliate programs via ccbill, verotel, or zombaio... and I've not heard great reviews about Zombaio's affiliate tracking :-/ Some of these affiliate programs also require you to have "dot com" - and some will even ask for screenshots of other affiliate programs and to prove that you have a legit site with traffic. I think that Kink.com's affiliate program screens tight like that. The big con of kinkydollars.com is that it's hard to promote and link to YOUR room (I haven't figured out how to do that yet).

@KaitlinK Crakrevenue for MFC is a very good plan. All models should use that and I can imagine that since it is not very obvious that they have a MFC aff program, most models don't even know... Since it sounds like you have a lot of experience using aff programs, don't forget to leave a review on

Smiley ;)

Thank you!! I have known about affiliate programs but this article broke it down so efficiently. Also, I only cam on MFC now and did not know they had an affiliate program, so thank you Tristan and KaitlinK! Very Helpful!

Whats the main affiliate program for streamate??

The aff program for Streamate is MoneyTree.

I can't find the affiliate or webmasters link on MFCs website... do I have to go to Crakrevenue directly?

Does KinkLive have an affiliate program? I know they hook you up if you bring in another model, but they should really be focusing on getting more customers.

Thank you for posting information like this. I am totally new and I feel like the topics and things that are posted really help point me in the right direction!

@AngelaNixx Yes, you can sign up with them directly

@StacySadist Yes, they have Kinkydollars

Do you need a website and the ability to place a unique HTML button for an affiliate link to credit you?


is an excellent resource, it is how I found my way here - so I would very highly recommend it be bookmarked and used a lot. Smiley ;)

Thanks for the info this is great! It asks which one I would like for VS and the options were: $2 PPL $50 PPS 20%-30% RevShare Which one is more profitable do you guys think?? Smiley :)

Sorry the options were PPS $50per signup or up to 30% rev share and 50% recurring on VIP.. Sorry if i look stupid but i am not yet clued up with affiliates! Which one would most people be inclined to choose? Smiley :)

I got an email from Kink saying they have an affiliate programme, il read it again and let you know!! what do you guys think the best option is? PPS $50 every sign up, or upto 30% revshare and 50% recurring on VIP. What would yous say is the better deal? If its 50 dollars for JUST a member to sign upand register but not make in money surely that wuld be the best? what yous think? sorry im bad with this

Would you guys say that the PPS $50 for every signup is the best deal instead of revshare etc?

This is a fucking awesome article. Thank you so much, Tristan. You rock.


I love affiliate marketing, wish I took the time to learn it more when I started out online. Now I am getting more into it with non-adult sites. Working with people who are making a lot of money monthly from affiliate marketing and network marketing and also selling their own digital products.

Excellent article!!! Thanks.Smiley (flower)Smiley (flower)Smiley (H)Smiley (flower)Smiley (flower)

the reviews on that site dont look genuine...there is a site that has 5 reviews, ALL from written by the same person....

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