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Marketing is an essential aspect of business that helps cam models reach their target audience, build a fanbase, and increase your income. Here you will find a couple of quick guides, about for example, why you should use social media, how to promote your website and information about affiliate marketing.

How To Maximize Your Twitter Experience


In this blog post you will find 14 ways to help you with your Twitter.

1. Create Your Twitter Name to Match The Persona You Want to Project:

Try and use a name that is relevant to your niche. Even if you've already built a following on a name that is a bit off topic all is not lost. You can add a second name to accommodate your profile. Example: Twitter Name @AlwaysReadySuzy can appear as Camgirl Boobs @AlwaysReadySuzy It can be changed at anytime.

2. Learn The Keywords that are the most popular for your niche. GOOGLE and Twitter are now integrated

Hashtags are just Keywords with a # in the front! And over the years people have use Twitter as a real time search engine. This integration makes sense. An article explaining how it works

Check to see if they are popular tags on twitter. Include these tags in your tweets with hashtags #. If you got big boobs use #massiveboobs #bigboobs etc. Include these tags when you post pics. Everyday of the week has a tag that gets tons of attention. You can have themed twitter days surrounding these days. #tinytits whatever The promoters will find you based on those tags.

3. Use Statcounter Or Google Analytics To Determine Hashtags:

If you have a website or a tumblr you should be able to see where the majority of your hits come from. If you have one of the two enabled. Some regions appear to be attracted to different things. Based upon that information you can check the trending topics on twitter for the region that loves you the most and piggy back those topics.

Example: If you are Asian, guess what state loves you the most? Washington!!! Change your trending topics to Washington and get involved in conversations from people in that area. If you have a barely legal look about you AND you smoke. Apparently Wyoming will love you. Find out what they are talking about there. Target your audience.




As a sidenote Pornhub now gets 80,000 hits PER DAY! That's a shit ton of cum and traffic. Currently Pornhub has a link from their white label site to Pornhub is the number one porntube on the web and has recognized Streamate as being their number one converter. Otherwise it would be someone else like LJ,Cams,CB, MFC etc. Interesting very very interesting. But do keep this in mind if you want to remain incognito while camming, there's nothing stealthy or incognito about Streamate. With partnerships with sites like Pornhub who've gotten something like 80,000 hits per day...hiding is pointless. They will find you.

4. Follow other camgirls.

Engage them on twitter. Guys love to see us shoot the shit and will often times get involved. But my rule of thumb is if I follow you and you don't follow me back, I will unfollow you in a sec. Also If I send a shout out to my followers including your twitter name and you don't retweet it. I will unfollow you in another second. I hate when girls will only favorite a tweet and not retweet it. Like come one. Maybe they don't understand that favorites are lame and not really effective. Or they just don't care. Those types always get unfollowed.

5. Link Your Tumblr To Your Twitter

My advice would be to use hashtags on tumblr. Not for every post of course because that can take away from the design of your page. But every few pics that you post add a description. This also works with C4S and most any other site that has a tweet this button.

Also if you are responding to someone on twitter make sure you DO NOT respond with their twitter name. Example @AlwaysReadySuzy reason being the only people who will see this tweet is Suzy. It takes away from the voyeuristic aspect of twitter. Your Followers will not be able to get involved in the conversation if they don't see it. They will have to go to your page and look only at your tweets vs what shows up in their timeline. Unless of course you only want Suzy to see it. In that case use the DM= Direct Message option if you want it to be private. Try to send out your tweets with the name included secondary. You can start them out with a quotation mark (" before the @ symbol. Example: "@AlwaysReadySuzy and blah blah blah whatever. So many people don't realize this. I see so many wasted opportunities to market because they don't realize. But now you know and can maximize your tweet. Especially if you have promoters who are in love with you. BUT ANY TWEET THAT STARTS WITH @ WILL BE FOR THEIR EYES ONLY

Updated to add that now it seems that Twitter has started deleting accounts that are using an excessive amount of nudity. Since none of us really know what the "excessive" amount is exactly, its best if you DO NOT USE NUDE PICS IN YOUR TWITTER HEADER. DO NOT USE NUDE PICS IN YOUR TWITTER AVI. AND PLACE IN YOUR BIO 18+ ONLY. Make the pics sexy and suggestive but keep your bits covered. Some have started to mark their tweets as sensitive. You can do this by going into your twitter settings. But I will say this, I did that for two days and then decided to unmark my tweets as sensitive. It's been just over a week and my twitter participation has gone down.

Example: I post a gif from a fetish clip with my tits bursting out. I will use a description that looks like this. My #bigboobs just won't stay put! Can someone help me? Now when it gets tweeted to my twitter the hashtag #bigboobs appears in the tweet now making it searchable on twitter and google. But you have to use the tag in the beginning of the description. Twitter mimnimizes the space and cuts things off at a certain point.

Also I and a few other people I know have experimented with buying a domain name for tumblr to prevent deactivation. So far so good. I peeped this info after the blogger situation.

6. Talk about things that are non-camming related.

Post pics that display parts of your personality. If you have a love for bowling,video games,drawing or whatever incorporate it into your tweets. Research the popular tags within that community and use them.

7. Don't overdo it

Also this may sound hypocritical based upon the many times I've used the words tags,keywords,hashtags...but don't use them in every tweet. Space them out. It looks spammy after awhile and people will unfollow you if that occurs. Constant retweets look spammy and lazy too. It's just boring and no one cares. Find something to talk about.

8. Free Chat vs. Indy Shows To tweet or not to tweet?

Yeah there is more of a need to use twitter if you money comes from being an independent camgirl. We have to build our own traffic. But on the other hand some girls will tweet their cammodels link to fill their rooms. Personally I've recently started to experiment with this. I created a separate twitter account just for a specific free chat sites. Different name and tumblr in the bio. I really do not want my followers on my Indy twitter who DO BUY SHOWS flooding my chatroom jacking off for free. So I decided to keep it separate and so far it's working out for me. It's more work. But it's working.

9. Be attentive.

This should have been number one to be honest. When you get a mention respond to it. Even if it's some guy just saying "Hi" respond "What's up sexy thang" something flirty. Remember it's not SM,CB,MFC,Cams,Cam4 where you have to deliver the response with perkiness and fun. That guy just wants to be acknowledged. He wants to know that you know he exist. That's all . It get's annoying when you have a one word response on a free chat site but at least on twitter you can respond and go one with your life. Watch the Today show, play with your dog...whatever. Just show the little guy some love. Other guys see this and it gives them encouragement.

10. Avoid Twitter Beefs/Drama

If someone insults you either block and move on or respond with only one witty tweet. Going off on a raging tangent about how dumb men
are or how much money you aren't making is a turn off. Unless you're a femdom and provide those sort of shows keep it to a minimum. Even if you are a humiliatrix you should probably minimize your time humiliating men on the net for free. Why should they buy the mad cow if the sour milk is free?

Ten seems like a good number to stop at, I think? I could go on. I may add more as they come to me. Honestly I don't know what I'm doing until I'm doing it.

11. post your pics by tweeting @ some of the popular pic retweeters.

you'll get tons of eyeballs and potential click: @SexyGirls_Pics @Hot_Girl_Guide @FitAsFuckGirls @things_hot @sexyladyshow @cammingpromo

or maybe try a site that provide twitter promotion if you want to go that rout: @ipartychat @‏Cammodelsreview @GoldCamShows,

I will add that many of those so called twitter promoters are nothing more than pervs and guys trying to take advantage. Pay attention to who you send your pics to. One of the things that I've noticed is some may have a crap ton of followers but they aren't retweeting girls or using the name of the model in the pic. Often times the pics are stolen from the internet and model pics are used to support their white label. Not that there's anything wrong with them having an endgame but at least credit the person with a link to HER site or a mention @AlwaysReadySuzy

12. Do You Have Multiple Twitters? Use Apps That Make It Easier To Tweet.

12.1 Hootsuite

I love Hootsuite! It's a Social Media Application that can be used on your Desktop or Mobile Devices. I use the Desktop version the most and it's free. You can install your favorite Social Media programs into the suite to cut down on your login logout issues and no reason to use multiple browsers. I have several different twitter and with the app I can schedule my tweets for the day and go and do other things for a bit. Also you can use it for things other than twitter. If you have a blog powered by Word Press a column can be added and you can blog straight from Hoot Suite. Tumblr,Instagram,Youtube, lots of them. Not all of the the apps in the suite are free, but most of the popular ones are. There is the one feature called a Hootlet that can be installed in your tool bar. This way if you see a web page that's interesting you just click the hootlet and it composes a tweet with the link to the page you want to share. I always modify it before I click send. Add a few tags in the post.

12.2 Phase Express

"Phrase Express - you enter all @whatever like you usually do on Twitter and make a special code for it, like @promoters, it will type all your promoters with just one code. Use Phrase Express to put your links to your camming profile or wishlist or whatever you got, by enter the codes. I am using Phrase Express for my shorten urls in my twitter and all other places without having to remember full urls (for example: Type #profile and it will put my Cammodel link in). lol. I now use it on Skype and in emails to send my info of my shows and where to book my shows. Oh and I use it heavily for downloadable videos to custies who bought my videos." -CurvyWinona

12.3 Stickies

Stickies - This desktop app is WAY BETTER than sticky notes from Windows. You can put hashtags and promoters in your stickies and keep it on your desktop. So, you will be reminded to use them! I have Phase Express codes for chatroom, skype, twitter, and etc in separate stickies, so I can use the stickies as code reference.

13. Twitter Analytics

The built in twitter analytics has been a wonderful tool. I love it and I can see who my top followers are and who to engage more. I can see right off the bat what sort of pics get the most attention. Sometimes people don't always tweet things but yet you can get a ton of impressions from that tweet. Before I had no idea

If you are logged in this link will take you to your dashboard

14. Periscope and Twitter Integration

A new built in app for IPhone users as well as Android allows you to send a live stream directly to your twitter dashboard. Followers all around the world can view your stream. But its not adult you'll have to keep your clothes on.

If you are an android user there is another app called Meerkat in the beta stages. I hear its not as great as IPhone but may be a bit more adult friendly.

I wanted to talk about Periscope ladies. It's amazing. Ive started using instagram more and more but I still love my twitter accounts too. But Ive noticed that it was getting kind of stale and I wasn't really sure if my followers were really getting my info? So I started using periscope mainly because I like watching what people all over the world are up to. So I decided to do a few quick broadcast talking about my paysite and skype. As it turns out my twitter followers are all over Periscope and received notifications that I was broadcasting. As a result I got followers who've never spent money and those who haven't in awhile look for me. My number of skype shows have gone up and signups to my paysite increased as well. Mainly Periscope is a way to interact with your existing twitter followers and gain new ones.



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Great article. Very informative
I loved this article very interesting
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excellent advice !! Smiley (H)
Very Informative. And Anxiety provoking. OMG. An 18 year old runaway can understand this. But I can't and I hold a PhD and two masters? OMG. I know i could earn so much more than I already do if I could ONLY understand this.

OMG. I want to cry now. Or take a clono. OMG.

But sooooo informative. Thanks. Social Media makes me want to harm.

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Hey TrixieNoire, sorry I'm just now seeing your comment. I'm glad you found it helpful. I don't log in here too often but if you ever have any questions please be sure to follow me on twitter @Camhustlers
Hey TrixieNoire, sorry I'm just now seeing your comment. I'm glad you found it helpful. I don't log in here too often but if you ever have any questions please be sure to follow me on twitter @ @Camhustlers

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