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    TOPMODEL18 rated iFriends on 31 January 2015 - 0:39

    Do you like to play games? Like hide and seek? LOL Ifriends Used to be the place to be. Ifriends was the leading camsite now it's just ... there. They used to do amazing promotion of all models.

    Now, any lamester can make your screename a part of their name with just an underscore to promote themselves and divert traffic from you. Ifriends never used to allow it now they do! Anyone can take your screename and add the #1 or zero to it and there you go your business name is over! Bye traffic have a nice day.

    On this site you have to be very careful not to have your content infiltrated. If it is ifriends will treat you dismissively and not give you information on the infiltrator. Leaving you to wonder which city to block and protect yourself from. Ifriends also limits the amount of cities you can block so you will soon run out of places to hide. For example, Instead of making Africa one entire country to block like other sites, they divided into sub-categories and being you can only block so many you will be still left with the burden of squatters.

    My content has been stolen/exposed for free so many times. Ifriends claims it cant be done but it can. Which has lead to hosts having to re-create a new name or just delete all content and start again. Not exactly making one feel secure enough to do xxx shows as they are not so private as one might think. A huge risk!

    Ifriends also does charge backs. Many viewers use this as a way to get shows for free. So being nude is never worth it on that site. Viewers join fanclub & take what they want and then charge back and you end up having to pay for the chargebacks out of your refund account. One viewer did it up to 700.00 worth leaving Me to foot thr bill for him spending time with Me. Does this sound good to you? Do you want to end up payig for viewers chat sessions to see you ?

    My suggestion if you join the site, since they have removed their friends section, is to join it for it's bdsm section and try to host without nudity. This is the only way you can be 100% safe on cam. If you have to change your outfit use the pause button. If you do take the risk of taking nudes you can be compromised. Which totally defeats the point of working for a private pay site. Not good if your trying to make an occupation out of it.

    I had to switch to payoneer for my checks to come in the mail on time on holidays or my holidays would be ruined.

    I have asked ifriends to come into my chat when I have had issues and they refuse to, to see whats going on in order to help me or they delay you with questions instead of coming in to see whats about and dealing with it head on.

    The kick button only works twice per session and then that's it your left with squatters. As many have said on wecamgirls, there can be Very low traffic at times on ifriends that comes by and it' s not new traffic it's repetitive. They quote to have millions on the site but where are they and why do I only have the same guest numbers squatting day to day?

    Be ready to spend a lot of time online playing games. Signing in and out to get away from squatters. The kick button doesn't work so you will have to.

    They say it's best to promote on twitter but is it in ones best interest to keep promoting something that wont invest or promote you in return?

    I think, It's in the best interest of ifriends to keep the site going not certain hosts responsibility only. All they really have to do is go back to the way things were! The old ifcam was way less complicated and so easy to shake off the squatters.

    Screen your customer's! They day's of trusting viewers on ifriends are over.

    If your looking to make fast money I suggest going elsewhere. You will make money but it wont last with all these methods in place and only enough money to get by unless you take nudes then someone could steal them. So your compromising safety for financial instead of having both.

    PS. They tell you to bring traffic but The traffic is diverted to other hosts they recommend. Not just you. So your traffic you worked hard to get is now generated into community traffic. Such as the "if you like feature" which you can de-activate. Even still a trail of hosts will still be promoted through you for members to see if your not online (meaning you will have to always stay online if you want to keep them), If your not online your video clips will send then on that same "look who else is online" path or by sending out emails constantly to your regulars about everything and anything except you. They don't see it as your loyal regular once you bring them on the site it's fair game. So beware of bringing your loyal regulars as they are not interested in keeping them loyal to you!

    They have some good members but you will not see them regularly and will have to sign in day to night to find the quality ones and I will also say it is a great site for domination as you can charge up to 19.99 but they also do chargebacks/refund so....


    NatashaPink rated Streamate on 29 January 2015 - 13:40

    Enjoy me!!! Always ready


    StoneheartSu rated KinkLive on 27 January 2015 - 19:59

    I LOVE KINKLIVE... but I do honestly think about going elsewhere because the traffic is so low. I've spent most of my time on cam there, and I've gotten less trolls and nastiness than on sites I spent maybe an hour on. The support is excellent, they get back to you right away and I do feel that they side with models. Super easy to use, and I like how you see how much you're being paid instead of tokens. I know the software has less features than other sites, but for someone like me who isn't super into technology that is a plus. Overall I love it, but it is ROUGH when it is slow.

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