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    Nymphomaniac rated YouKandy on 28 May 2015 - 12:44

    I joined Youkandy a few days ago and i just sold my 1st video. This way i noticed there's a thing i don't like : the 13 days clearance date. so the funds are not available right away..this sucks. I mean i understand if i can't withdraw them right away, but at least they should show up in my balance.
    This is my experience with them so far, i will update this as soon as anything changes.

    L.E. in the light of the latest changes i like the site better. the traffic is still bad and i haven't made the minimum payment yet..but the software is great, fast uploading, great interface.
    I also love that once they are in your room you can see how many tokens they have

    since they don't pay by payoneer like they say, only 1 star!!


    mishanox rated ModelCentro on 25 May 2015 - 23:58

    This is an easy to use membership site for established models. If you do not already have a fan base, keep in mind your membership will be non-existent until you start sending your fans there.

    If you want more control over your content and are willing to hustle to get your fan base to your site, then this is the place for you. GREAT templates (so far there are about 5 or 6 to choose from) Responsive tech/customer support. They also offer a free domain for at least the first year.

    As far as self promotion goes - the site easily integrates with Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook (they are cognizant of FB rules, and send users to a gateway page first before they can consent to enter the site)

    Again - they do not offer traffic, just the site! If you would like a site that also offers traffic, at this time you will need to look elsewhere.


    mishanox rated YouKandy on 25 May 2015 - 23:57

    This site has amazing potential, and will be great for the girls & guys that like to develop relationships w/their clients. It has a social media site feel to it, and is very easy to use when it is set up.

    Their weekly contest is a GREAT way to get new models and thus more clients coming to the site. It will just take some time, especially for the more fetish specific models. You also want to be aware, they promote the latest uploaded content on their main page. But once you get followers they will be able to see a log of what you have added.

    You can also sell subscriptions to your Kik and Snapchat - which I love.

    I believe they are still offering 100% payout on camming - but again, the lack of traffic affects that.

    A couple of things to note:
    When uploading videos - be very aware as to when they finish. You have a few minutes to select your screen cap to publicize the video before it is posted and blasted to their social network (and posted on yours) Since it automatically selects your screen caps - you could end up blasting w/a not so appealing shot.

    They do not have model categories as of yet. So - College Girls are mixed in with MILFs with BBW with FemDom ... and so on.

    I will be keeping up with this site, I love what it has to offer, and love that it allows me to promote my website as well (which a lot of camming sites will not do)

    **I have not gotten payment or used support as of yet, and thus did not rate it.

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