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    Vaniqua6730 rated NiteFlirt on 25 July 2014 - 9:10

    Niteflirt is a good site for phone, selling videos ,pictures your messenger and tributes are fast and excellent...
    The members are very technical and touchy, ahahah.

    That site has changed since 2002
    It really keep changing features making it harder for THE FLIRTS
    to maintain there layout on the listings..

    The payment is daily if you set it for direct deposit.
    If you are waiting for checks, that is once a month.
    The support is crappy. I have to wait 48 hrs for an response sometimes.
    Sometimes I get an smart remark to my issues.
    They will send me a link to read URGHH so rude.
    Theres is no contact number like it use to be for flirt TO CALL which sucks..

    It isn't a cam software ,If you are using Skype yahoo or whatever is what connects FLIRTS to the members.


    Vaniqua6730 rated ImLive on 25 July 2014 - 8:59

    I love working on Imlive. Once you do your .98 cents in the beginning and or your 90 min videochat . You can then choose the total private chat.

    Only thing on rare occasions you will see CHARGEBACKS,that is better than before.
    I been on that site since October of 2002. Yes 12 years.

    It was 50 percent of earnings as time went on like other sites.
    They started taking more earnings.

    There software is great and simple. Support forum team phone and email are very active, than any site out there.

    If there is a delay in a payment they will post it on your profile or in the Payment Forum Column .
    traffic is okay. there are times when it really is bad for days at a time. Over the years the traffic is iffy.
    SO hold on ..
    You can record your videos and make money online or offline is a great to have on your profile.


    Vaniqua6730 rated iFriends on 25 July 2014 - 8:42

    I luv being on this site from 1999 to 2003 . When that site hit a major CHARGEBACK, WOW .. they lost thousands of models.
    On that site I was one on the Top Models.
    They have strict rules. I can deal with that. THE CHARGEBACKS made everyone go crazy. We actually boycott it nearly. How we did it one day nearly over half the models didn't work, and we demanded our money.
    Like you do a show earnings such as $600.00 or more is gone from your earnings..

    SO they affiliated with a different banking system. LouAnn use to be one of the people I connect and speak to on the phone.

    Right now today, I got my videos in replay and do pretty okay.
    I am going to work back on there again, but the traffic will NEVER ME the same.
    I like it cause I can be online without member viewing me unless I choose that chat method.
    There verification is pretty long and annoying..
    Support software payment is good, the traffic is slow as heck.


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No, customers still want me on the big screen
No, I don't know why
Yes, privates on mobile devices seem shorter
Yes, customers don't tip as much when on mobile device
Yes, I don't know why

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