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    LacyTease rated Myprivateangels on 21 April 2015 - 2:12

    I have been waitng for my payment for several months. They pay by paypal. When I joined I did not see a place to put paypal info in. Well when I did not receive my money i told them I wanted it and my account closed. I gave them my paypal a week ago. they said they sent payment. I have not received a dime. Support does not like to answer you and they have yet to remove my account. I only got two shows off of them the rest were trying to get free stuff off me. Site is a waste of my energy.

    At the time I wrote the original portion if this review it was true. since then I do have to say payment has been fixed and I got it, but this is what was sent to me because of this review. I stick to support (skype support) not wanting to answer unless of course it suits them.I do need to say that online support is very helpful and took care of the situation very quickly. I have said things to them before via skype and it they would not respond.

    [4/18/2015 2:27:55 AM] Support MyPrivateAngels: You wrote a bad rewiew on the site. You lied about my site.
    [4/18/2015 2:28:17 AM] Support MyPrivateAngels: Please fix the review to correct.
    [4/18/2015 2:33:24 AM] Support MyPrivateAngels: Your ad is suspended.
    [6:46:07 PM] Lacy Tease: at the time I wrothe the review it was true.
    [6:56:37 PM] Support MyPrivateAngels: No, you lied.
    [6:57:17 PM] Lacy Tease: I did not receive my money and I tried to say something and never got a response from you I did not lie. finally support on the site fixed it and I got my money it was not a lie.
    [6:58:21 PM | Edited 6:58:43 PM] Support MyPrivateAngels: you write lied review about my site i dont want work with you.
    [7:00:08 PM] Lacy Tease: I told the truth you could have asked me nicely to fix the review since the issue had been fixed. I have no problem telling other models hfow rude you are and how you ignored my Skype to you telling you I did not receive my payment. I waited a week after yo uaid you sent it and I did not get it. I sent you a message at 10:33 Thursday that I did not get it and you did not respond. I wrote the review after waiting for you to answer. I contacted on ite support who found that it wa a mistake on your end.
    [7:02:44 PM] Support MyPrivateAngels: we sent your payment in time, but unfortunately wrong paypal address. You have to contact with site support. -the live support online non-stop, and payment is perfect and correct.
    [7:03:36 PM] Lacy Tease: yes I sai d that at the time I wrote it it wa correct. you have bee nso rude and all you had to do was ask NICELY that I update my review since it was taken care of. instead you were extremely rude and unprofessional.
    [7:04:55 PM] Support MyPrivateAngels: i am rude if you wrote bad and lied about my site.
    [7:06:55 PM] Lacy Tease: I have pute this conversation on Skype. you were rude. it was not a lie at the time. I told you at 10:33 on this past thusday that my moen yhad not been received and you ignored me. I was pissed after waiting all day for you to answer. so you ignoring me after telling you it was not received was true. since you said you do not want to work with me so be it I am done with you and haven othing left to ay to you.
    [7:10:09 PM] Support MyPrivateAngels: ok. If you are unstatisfied. I thing you dont want use our site. I delete your account.

    no skin off my nose.


    minnie rated on 20 April 2015 - 2:03

    Traffic seems to be slow but It is enough to keep me on the site as it is not my primary site it is more for exposure and their voyeur webcam software.

    Because they have a store I am now more likely to keep my earnings in my account and use it to shop in their online store. If I am trying to be paid quicker I can transfer my earnings to my model page.

    If I request a check. $50 arrives at $49 because they take $1 to create a check.

    I've had to contact support often. when I do I usually post in the forum. Response time can be slow.

    I mainly use for their software they are literally the only website that lets you download adobe air that turns your computer into a multi-cam voyeur cam. The feature is great content for my tumblr and for my website.

    Also I have two accounts on rude so I can have more webcams for voyeur house. model Diamond Jackson does that as well.

    There are times where I can make about $20 in a week just from my voyeur house. Guys will tip me and pay for snappics. There is no pressure or requirement to interact with anyone on the site.

    I can do very well just uploading content and broadcasting my voyeur webcams.

    You just need to know how to make the site work for you.


    uCaughtAlex rated Entice Live on 19 April 2015 - 19:00

    Fantastic support from EnticeLive Tracy of entice is always there to assist when needed. Payment is truly no fees and daily when you reach 25 dollars in earnings. They aim to support and drive traffic to their models within their studio and provide tips on how to best convert traffic.

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