Earn money easily by sharing our 1 to 1 video chat app

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VVLive is a high quality 1 to 1 video chat app, we are looking for users. You can earn money by inviting other guys to be our premium memer - you will gain 50 Vcoin by a person register and become our premium member through your link.

For example, if you invite 10 person became members, you would earn 500 Vcoin($50) from them (10Vcoin =1 USD).Smiley Smiley (gift)Smiley Smiley (gift)Smiley Smiley (gift)Smiley Smiley (gift)Smiley Smiley (gift)Smiley Smiley (gift)

You can cash out all the coins via PayPal when campaign is finished.

What’s more, you also have the change to win iPhone XS MAX,iPad Pro and iWatch.

Tips: Twitter&Instagram are great platforms to promote it.

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This job listing will expire on 3 May 2019

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