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Models for our studio in Canary Islands (Spain)

Company: Isla Bonita Studio

Location: Fuerteventura - Canary Islands - Spain

Job description

We are looking for models to host in our studio Villa in Fuerteventura.

This job is gonna start from the 15th of September
We prefer (for now) candidates from European union countries , because of visa working difficulties (but still, if you want to apply for the future, we'll keep you update with any further development)

We also have a solution, if you want to come on your own, you can rent your own apartment near us, and benefit of our services.
(but this is mostly for models who want to grow their business and already have a foundation and some equipment)

----- Job description -----

We aim to create live models, from webcams, to onlyfans, to instagram ... this is because we want to give you a choice for the future, whenever you want to quit with something, you'll have other things bringing you money .

That's why is important to us having someone who wants to go 5 steps further , and not just doing webcams to bring home a base salary.

We'll provide with
- apartment only for you
- a whole villa
- a beautiful location (well this is thanks to mother nature)
- Training
- Instagram and Onlyfans management
- photoshooting, videoshooting, content creation.
- Traffic , a lot of real traffic to reduce the amount of time you need to reach the success.

What we need from you
- commitment
- will to succeed

If you are worried it's gonna be 12 hours of cam, 10 hours of shootings ... that's not the case, we value free time, and happyness , an happy employee, is an invaluable worker.
But also, if you think to come and just do a vacation, you are wrong. For sure we don't value lazyness Smiley ;)

That's it, for more informations we have our website down here.

Thanks a lot

Isla Bonita Studio Manager

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This job listing will expire on December 10, 2021

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