About CamgirlCollective

CamgirlCollective (CGC) is a commercial profile page that we created for WeCamgirls members. Since customers are not allowed here, we wanted a new place where they are allowed, hence CamgirlCollective. You can create a free account when you get the verified model status

You can either go to tools -> commercial profile or go to http://camgirlcollective.com and log on using your WeCamgirls username and password.

On your CGC admin panel you'll see this sentence: 'Status of your profile: not active yet (activate)'. You can activate your CGC profile by clicking on activate.

A couple of things on your profile are mandatory before you can activate it. You need to add:

* Avatar,
*(at least) One picture,
* Contact information (either camsite or IM or both),
* About Me,
* Information about your show,
* Age.

When you click activate and you need to fill in some mandatory information you'll get a message that states what you need to do.

Yes, this is available per state (US only) or per country.

Only if you have checked the checkbox that states 'Tweet this update @camgcollective'. If that is the case your status update will be on our CGC twitter account to get you more exposure.

The ones marked in red are the ones we know of that are absolutely not adult friendly. You can still put them on your profile but it is at your own risk. If you want more information on payment providers you can check the reviews about them.

When a customer creates a (free) account on CGC they become a fan. Fans can vote for specific cammodels and the 5 people with the most votes are featured on the homepage. This is reset every Wednesday, so everybody has a change to be featured.

There are some limits on what you can post or write. You are not allowed to use words on your profile like Bestiality, Rape, Paedophilia, Incest, Necrophilia and a couple more. For more information check our Acceptable Use Policy.