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The “Now what?” beginners guide

(last update October 10th 2019) We get a lot of questions from aspiring camgirls (and camboys) who would like to start as a cammodel. This guide will address all kinds of issues or other things you need to take care of, keep in mind or consider on how to become a cam girl.

Feel free to leave your comments or additions, so I can add them. This guide will be an ongoing process...


How to become a cam girl
What do I need to start?
What to do next?

Picking a camsite, where to work
Freemium or Premium
The Big camsites
Percentages, the higher the better?

Your “New Model” status, use it
What is this new model status?

Your camsite profile
Basic camsite profile bio
Creating your camsite profile

How to make more money as a cam girl
Selling pics and vids
The major clip sites
Creating your own content selling site

How to become a cam girl

Over 90 percent of the camgirls started out as a cammodel for one reason, the money that you can make. Before you start camming, you will (and should) have a lot of questions and the answers to them will help you to be successful. The most important thing is, do your research first. Know where you are getting into, learn from the mistakes others made and be realistic. Yes, there are quite a lot of cammillionaires, but these things don’t happen overnight. However, if you are wellinformt and really put your mind to it, you can live a very good life.

The first question for a lot of aspiring cammodels is of course, how much money you can earn with it? As a webcammodel you can earn a considerable amount per month. You can even make enough to give up your dayjob and fully focus on being a webcammer. Models that make between 3000 and 5000 USD per month are not uncommon and there are even models that have become millionaires. But to be successful you will have to do more than “just” sitting naked before a webcam.

So do I have to be this 18 year old pretty girl to be successful? No you don’t. A lot of successful models have specialized in specific experiences they offer. Most of the men (or women) that visit camsites have a special desire or fantasy. They find these models. And more important, stick with them, to be part of their fan base. This man's fantasy is often not about 18-year-old models or a perfect woman. No, usually a lot of these men fantasize about somebody that could be their neighbour. Somebody that is sexy, but who they can bond with.

What do I need to start?

In short, not so much...

You need the right equipment. A computer or laptop is the first thing you should have. The built in camera of your laptop won’t do and most models use something out of the logitech 900 series (c920, c922 etc). You also need a decent internet connexion. (most people have high speed internet with enough upload to get proper shows)

Good lighting is also something that you could invest in, but this is maybe a step for later.

What to do next?

Well, you should think of a name and your cam persona. By picking a name take into consideration that BeckyBlueEyes better sticks than Becky1234. You will have to know of course if the name is not in use yet (not only the site you want to work from, but also other sites to avoid confusion) and if you can use it on social media accounts. Twitter is still a must and there are a lot of sites that you can use to sell subscriptions. We have a cool quick tool that can help you, but it doesn’t cover all the sites there are. However, it will give you a good impression what you can use: https://www.wecamgirls.com/tools/check/.

Think about your pesona. You can become whoever you want to be. You can keep it more closely to who you are, or you can be the opposite. To read some more about your cam persona and how to stand out, please check out this article:


Picking a camsite, where to work

Freemium or Premium

First of all, you have to understand that there are two site concepts, so to speak. You have what is called the “Premium” camsite and the “Freemium” camsite. It is not that one is better than the other and no, there is no “best” camsite. Some work for one, some work for the other. The difference between a Freemium and Premium camsite in general is that a Freemium site works with tipping tokens, i.e. you perform for a lot of people for “free” and you get tips from the people in the camroom. A Premium camsite, generally doesn’t allow nakedness in the open free chat, but you can take somebody private and then they pay per minute or per session.

The Big camsites

When you start as a new model, I think it is a bit better to pick one of the big camsites. They are more reliable, pay on time and a lot of them have extra promo that you can get for being the “new model” on the site. Here is a list of sites that have proven themselves, however this does not mean that the other sites, that are not on this short list are bad (you can click here to get an complete overview of all camsites):

Cam4 (freemium)
MyFreeCams (freemium)
Chaturbate (freemium)
Streamate (premium)
Xmodels / xCams.com (premium)
XLoveCam / Sex.cam (premium)
Stripchat (freemium)
ImLive (premium)
LiveJasmin (premium)
BongaCams (freemium)
Flirt4free (premium)

It might be even better to sign up for at least two (maybe one premium and one freemium) to get an idea of the site. When you apply, also take a look at other models on the site that are working, so you can get a better idea of how they work. You will also get a better impression of the site.

Percentages, the higher the better?

Some sites pay you 30 percent, some pay you 80 percent. However, don’t focus solely on the percentage. Sites that offer a lower percentage often have better traffic (i.e. more customers coming your way). When you get 80 percent but no customers, you still have nothing. That said, freemium sites usually have a higher payout percentage, but your income might vary more than on a premium site. But, when you hit big on a freemium site, the sky is the limit since you won’t have the “set” rates per minute you will find on a premium site.

You can use the Browse Camsites tool to compare different camsites.


This article might help you take a pick


Your “New Model” status, use it

So you decided get your equipment, register at different social media and sign up for 1 or 2 camsites. That’s great! A lot of camsites have perks when you are new. Make use of them, so you can get a kick start building your fanbase.

What is this new model status?

The perks you get are similar on the different camsites and in general they are all about extra exposure for an x amount of days or time;

- The Camversity new model status for example, starts from your first day of approved registration and lasts for 14 days. During this time your room will be at the top of the mainpage, which is normally reserved for top models.

- On Myfreecams a model will have the “NEW” tag for her first 10 hours of broadcast.

- With Streamate you will be listed in the very popular “New Model” category for a period of 30 days.

- Chaturbate also has a “New” tag. It will last for 7 days.

Other camsites may have different time periods but in most cases you get to be promoted for only a short period of time. You have to utilize this.

This is all “free” promotion, so don’t miss out. You won’t be totally screwed if you miss out and you can still be successful, but you won’t get your new model status back. So in short, make sure you use it, because it will help you get your name out there.

Your camsite profile

The info on your camsite profile is important. It will be your showpiece, your connection to your customers. Some camsites allow you to write down a lot of information, add links to your social media or theme your profile page and some don’t.

Basic camsite profile bio

You start your camsite bio by adding basic information, like your appearance, general info about you (for example, gender, sexual orientation, language etc.), videos and or pictures and an about me written in text. Think careful about what you write and how you write it. When customers do searches your profile might (or might not) pop up. So choose your “key words” with care.

Creating your camsite profile

On most camsites the layout of the profiles are all the same and matched accordingly with the camsite. There are however sites that are a lot more adjustable. Chaturbate, MyFreeCams and Cam4 for example, have great flexibility and you can even code your own profile page in HTML and CSS. This gives your page a unique feeling and helps you stand out. Coding however is not for everyone, but luckily there are guys who do a really great job at creating a professional and impressive profile page or themes and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

How to make more money as a cam girl

For a cam model there are a lot of ways to earn extra income. Some will only be useful if you already have a big following (fanbase) and some are useful to help you get a bigger following. One of the first things you should do when you start out as a cammmodel is to create a profile on a clip site.

Selling pics and vids

All successful cam models sell pics and vids. They produce and sell their homemade porn on clip sites. This is not only a very good way to get more people in your chat, you also earn good money with it, even when you are not online. It’s a great way to have a passive income.

Producing and creating your own porn doesn’t have to be hard and there are tons of content selling sites where you can upload your own videos and pictures. The advantages are clear:

- Sales continue 24 hours a day
- You do not have to follow a work schedule
- You can determine how much the customers have to pay for your content
- Extra promotion and passive income as a webcam model
- You can sell your content over and over again

Since there are many clip sites, you can sell the same content on multiple sites. So yes, creating content takes longer than a regular camshow, but a camshow you can only “sell” once. There is no limit on how many times you can sell the same content.

The major clip sites

There are a lot of clip sites where you can sell you content. Some are very general and some are very specific. Most of the time you will also have the option to sell your pics and vids through the camsite you are working on. Here is an overview of the bigger players in the content selling world. If a site is not listed here, it doesn’t mean that it is a crappy site, these listed here are simply the biggest ones. To get a complete overview click here:


Manyvids and Clips4sale are stand alone sites. Their focus as a company has been solely on creating clip sites. iWantClips is part of iWantEmpire and their main focus also lies with clips and content. MFCShare is part of the Myfreecams company and Modelhub is the model part of Pornhub, the biggest tubesite in the world.

Creating your own content selling site

There are also ways to create your own website and use it to sell your content. You can use free site makers or buy a site. Either way, you also have to take care of a payment provider, which can be a hassle, since you are selling adult.

There are sites that have have an easy all in solution. They create your site, create the backend and take care of the payments. In return they get a percentage of the money you make, which is smaller than most clipsites. They only make money when you make money, so you have no setup costs. This is a very nice solution to start selling and create your own fan base in the proces.

Here you can find examples of sites that work like that:



Aliennymphx, AmilyKiss, AnnaCandy84, Camkitttie, DangerDarling, FOXXXY, kandy_anjel, Kinkyman, lunaizel, malice, MissMetal, MoxiMollie, nastymind88, palevixen, Royco1, SinDerella, tiffanybella, VioletWinters, xMystiquex

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  • lunaizel

    Thanks for this! A lot of useful information and I like the links to other articles, I will definitely read those soon. Unfortunately, I didn't know about CB's 7 day New Model status and learned about it after I was verified. I got one session in before the status went away. Any tips for those of us still trying to build a fan base but do not have the new model status anymore? Thanks!


    October 2, 2019 - 2:43
  • itsLeedslad

    If you have less than 1000 followers, I'd strongly suggest making a new account on chaturbate and taking full advantage of that first 7 days, it's really hard for models to gain traction if they don't have a decent following from week one.

    October 2, 2019 - 17:32
  • lunaizel

    oh really? darn... thanks for the tip!

    October 2, 2019 - 21:21
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    Any tips directed more towards men?

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    Great article, thank you so much x

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